RULE 305. Toxics Risk Assessment Fee

Whenever the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District processes an Authority to Construct or Permit to Operate for a facility which emits (a) toxic substance(s), the Air Pollution Control Officer may charge the proponent an extra fee which is not to exceed the cost to the District of the work required by the District Board's Toxics Risk Assessment Policy to estimate the risks associated with the facility. A toxic substance is any substance listed by the Air Resources Board pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 44321

The fee for work done directly by the District will be calculated on the basis of actual cost ($40 per hour for professional and technical staff and $20 per hour for clerical staff). If the Air Pollution Control Officer determines that it is necessary to hire a consultant to prepare the risk assessment or to advise the District on impacts to health, the consultant's fee will be paid by the proponent. If the proponent objects to the particular consultant hired by the District, the proponent may appeal to the District Hearing Board.

Failure to pay this fee shall incur the same penalties as failure to pay a permit fee (Rule 300D).