Rule 306. Hearing Board Fees

A. Filing Fee

Any person petitioning for a hearing before the Hearing Board shall pay a filing fee of $150. In the case of petitioner withdrawal of petition, all filing fees shall be nonrefundable.

B. Hearing Fee

If the hearing lasts more than four hours but less than eight hours, the petitioner shall pay a hearing fee of $150 in addition to the filing fee. If the hearing lasts eight hours or more, the petitioner shall pay a hearing fee of $450 for the first eight hours, and $600 for each additional eight hour period or part thereof in addition to the filing fee. The hearing fee shall be paid within 60 days after the petitioner is notified of the amount due. Failure to pay this fee shall incur the same penalties as failure to pay a permit fee (Rule 300D).

C. Fee Refunds

Any petitioner qualifying under California Health and Safety Code Section 42302.1 to appeal the issuance of a permit shall have the filing fee, and hearing fee, if any, refunded if the Hearing Board either reverses the decision of the Air Pollution Control Officer to issue the permit, or substantially modifies the permit.

D. Exceptions

This Rule shall not apply to petitions filed by the Air Pollution Control Officer.