RULE 401. Fugitive Dust

A. A person shall take reasonable precautions to prevent visible particulate matter from being airborne, under normal wind conditions, beyond the property from which the emission originates. Reasonable precautions include, but are not limited to:

1. Use, where possible, of water or chemicals for control of dust in the demolition of existing buildings or structures, construction operations, the grading of roads or the clearing of land;

2. Application of asphalt, oil, water, or suitable chemicals on dirt roads, material stockpiles, and other surfaces which can give rise to airborne dusts;

3. Installation and use of hoods, fans, and fabric filters, to enclose and vent the handling of dusty materials. Adequate contaminant methods shall be employed during such handling operations;

4. Use of water, chemicals, chuting, venting, or other precautions to prevent particulate matter from becoming airborne in handling dusty materials to open stockpiles and mobil equipment; and

5. Maintenance of roadways in a clean condition.

B. This rule shall not apply to emissions discharged through a stack.