RULE 603. Petitions for Variances

In addition to the matters required by Rule 602, petitions for variance shall state briefly:

1. The section, rule or order complained of;

2. The facts showing why compliance with the section, rule or order is unreasonable;

3. For what period of time the variance is sought and why;

4. The damage or harm resulting or which would result to petitioner from compliance with such section, rule or order;

5. Except in a petition for an interim or emergency variance, a final compliance date specifying when petitioner will be in compliance with the section or rule from which a variance is sought;

6. If the final compliance date required in subsection (E) is one year or more after the date set for hearing (other than the hearing for an emergency or interim variance) then petitioner shall attach to his petition a proposed schedule of increments of progress as defined by Rule 106;

7. Both the advantages and disadvantages to the residents of the district resulting from requiring compliance or resulting from granting a variance; and

8. Whether or not operations under such variance, if granted, would constitute a nuisance.