Sec 3.  ENFORCEMENT.  These Regulations shall be enforced by the
               Air Pollution Control Officer under direction of the Board 
               and under authority of the Health and Safety Code, 
               Sections 40752, 40702, 42450, 42451, 24703, 40001, 24120, 
               and by all officers named by the Air Pollution Control Board 
               and empowered by Section 40120.  Persons authorized to 
               enforce these Regulations are authorized to arrest without 
               warrant as provided in Section 836.5 of the California Penal 

          Sec 3.1  For the purpose of enforcing or administering these
                   Regulations, the Air Pollution Control Officer or an 
                   authorized representative of such officer, upon 
                   presentation of his credentials, or if necessary under 
                   the circumstances, after obtaining an inspection warrant 
                   pursuant to Title 13, (commencing with Section 1822.50), 
                   Part 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure, shall have the 
                   right of entry to any premises on which an air pollution 
                   emission source is located for the purpose of inspecting 
                   such source, including securing samples of emissions
                   therefrom, or any records required to be maintained in 
                   connection therewith by the Air Pollution Control