Sec 112.  CONTENTS OF PETITIONS.  Every petition shall state:

                    A.  The name, address and telephone number of the
                        petitioner, or other person authorized to receive 
                        service of notices;

                    B.  Whether the petitioner is an individual,
                        co-partnership, corporation or other entity; names 
                        and addresses of the partners if a co-partnership; 
                        names and addresses of the officers if a 
                        corporation; and the names and addresses of the
                        persons in control, if other entity;

                    C.  The type of business or activity involved in the
                        application, and the street address at which it 
                        is conducted;

                    D.  A brief description of the article, machine,
                        equipment or other contrivance, if any, involved in 
                        the application;

                    E.  The section or rule under which the petition is 
                        filed that is, whether petitioner desires a hearing;

                        1.  For a variance under Section 40828, Health and
                            Safety Code;

                        2.  To revoke or modify a variance under
                            Section 42356, Health and Safety Code;

                        3.  To review the denial or conditional granting of
                            an Authorization to Construct, under 
                            Sections 54 and 55 of these Regulations.

                    F.  Each petition shall be signed by the petitioner, or
                        by some person on his behalf; and where the person 
                        signing is not the petitioner, it shall set forth 
                        his authority to sign.