Sec 152.  ANALYSIS FEES.  When the Air Pollution Control Officer
                 finds that analysis of the emissions from any source is 
                 necessary to determine the extent and amount of pollutants 
                 being discharged into the atmosphere which cannot be 
                 determined by visual observation, he may request that the 
                 Board order samples to be collected and analysis be made by 
                 qualified personnel.  The time required for collecting 
                 samples, making the analysis and preparing the necessary 
                 reports may be charged against the owner or operator of 
                 said premises as a reasonable sum to be determined by the 
                 Board.  This amount may not exceed the actual cost of the
                 work.  In the event the findings show that no excess 
                 contaminants are in fact being discharged, then the Air 
                 Pollution Control District shall be responsible for the 
                 entire cost of the investigation, unless the Air Pollution 
                 Officer determines that such test is necessary for the 
                 issuance of a Permit to Operate.