Sec 95.  ANALYSIS REQUIRED.  The Board at any time may require 
                   from any person such information or analysis as will 
                   disclose the nature, extent, quantity or degree of air 
                   contaminants which are or may be discharged by such 
                   source, and may require that such disclosures be 
                   certified by a professional engineer registered in the 
                   State of California.  In the event the findings show that 
                   no excess contaminants are in fact being discharged, then 
                   the Air Pollution Control District shall be responsible 
                   for the entire cost of the investigation.

          Sec 95.1  RECORDS

                    A.  Except for agricultural operations constructed 
                        prior to the enactment of these Regulations, the 
                        owner or operator of any stationary source causing 
                        emissions in excess of 100 tons per year of any 
                        pollutant for which there is a national air quality
                        standard, or which causes emissions in any amount 
                        from those sources listed in Appendix C of 40 Code 
                        of Federal Regulations, Part 51, shall maintain 
                        records of the nature and amounts of emissions from 
                        such source and/or any other information as may be
                        deemed necessary by the Air Pollution Control 
                        Officer to determine whether such source is in 
                        compliance with these Regulations.

                    B.  The information recorded shall be summarized and
                        reported to the Air Pollution Control Officer on 
                        forms furnished by the District, and shall be 
                        submitted within 45 days after the end of the 
                        reporting period.  Reporting periods are January 1
                        through June 30, and July 1 through December 31.

                    C.  Information recorded by the owner or operator and
                        copies of the summarizing reports submitted to the 
                        Air Pollution Control Officer shall be retained by 
                        the owner or operator for two years after the date 
                        on which the pertinent report is submitted.


                    A.  Emissions exceeding any of the limits established 
                        in these Regulations as a result of equipment or 
                        installation malfunction or shutdown shall be deemed 
                        in violation.  However, the Control Officer may 
                        elect to take no enforcement action if the owner or 
                        operator(person responsible for the equipment or
                        installation operations) demonstrates to the Control 
                        Officer's satisfaction that a malfunction of 
                        equipment exists and the following requirements are 

                        1.  The Control Officer must be notified prior to
                            shutdown or within two (2) hours of onset of a 
                            malfunction which would be expected to result 
                            in increased emissions.

                        2.  The person responsible for the equipment or
                            installation operations, upon request of the 
                            Control Officer, shall make a full report 
                            including causes and preventative measures to be 
                            taken to minimize or eliminate a reoccurrence
                            within ten (10) working days of occurrence.

                        3.  The Control Officer shall be notified when the
                            condition causing the malfunction or shutdown 
                            has been corrected and the equipment is 

                    B.  On receipt of notification the Control Officer may
                        permit the continuance of operation for a period not 
                        to exceed thirty (30) days, provided, however, if 
                        the malfunction is for a period greater than 
                        ten (10) days, the applicant must provide the 
                        Control Officer with a program of the corrective 
                        action to be taken that will bring the source into 
                        compliance.  The Control Officer shall not issue 
                        permits for the continuance of operation for any 
                        single emission source for an aggregate of more than
                        sixty (60) days during any one calendar year.