(Adopted 11/9/82; revised 6/16/97, 9/14/99)

A. Applicability

A.1 This Rule regulates burning Combustible Refuse.

B. Requirements

B.1 No Person shall operate any Incinerator other than Multiple Chamber Incinerators. Materials shall be incinerated at temperatures of not less than 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of not less than one (1) second.

B.2 Alternate Equipment or operating conditions may be utilized if the applicant can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the APCO that they will be as effective in destroying contaminants as required by Section B.1.

C. Exemptions

C.1 This Rule shall not apply to Incinerators used to burn only Residential Rubbish and yard trimmings and brush in an area not served on a weekly basis by an organized solid waste disposal service. For the purposes of this section, this exemption does not apply to the burning of tires, Construction material, mattresses, petroleum products, paint, rubber, fireworks, and cotton or wool or other similar smoke or toxic fume production items.

Any burning undertaken under this exemption must be done is such a way as to not discharge smoke, Fumes or particulate into any adjacent property or residences such as to create a nuisance as set forth in Rule 407.