(Adopted 11/19/85; revised 9/14/99)

A. Applicability
Any Person using or operating a Livestock Feed Yard shall acquire and maintain a "Livestock Feed Yard Certificate." Application, fee and renewal requirements for such a certificate shall be substantially the same as those set out in Regulation II for permits, except as hereinafter provided.

B. Requirements
An application for a Livestock Feed Yard certificate shall include a written plan designed to effectively control Dust. Such Dust control plan shall contain the following:

B.1 Procedures for assuring Manure at all times is maintained at a moisture factor between 20% and 40%, in the top three inches (3") in occupied pens. Said maximum moisture limit may be exceeded during rainy periods.

B.2 An outline of Manure management practices, including standards and time tables for Manure removal, designed to effectively control Dust and to prevent adverse public health conditions.

C. Penalties
The Air Pollution Control Officer shall grant a certificate upon receiving a Dust control plan which he believes is reasonably designed to meet the criteria set forth in B.1 and B.2 above. Failure of a Person operating or using an animal confinement facility to comply with the terms of an approved Dust control plan shall be grounds for certificate revocation and/or for imposition of other penalties and sanctions contained in the District's rules and regulations.

D. Exceptions
The Air Pollution Control Officer may issue a written exception to allow the holder of a Livestock Feed Yard certificate to utilize a procedure in lieu of that required under B.1 above for up to sixty (60) days in any fiscal year. Such an exception may only be granted after written application has been made describing in detail an alternate Dust control procedure which the Air Pollution Control Officer believes is reasonably designed to control Dust as effectively as the procedure described under B.1 above.

E. Test Methods
The moisture content of shall be determined with an electrical conductivity moisture meter.