(Adopted 7/13/92, Amended 5/2/96)

I. Applicability

Requirements of this Rule shall apply to any person owning or operating any source operation with the potential to emit oxides of nitrogen or reactive organic gases.

II. Requirements

Upon request of the Control Officer and as directed by him, an owner or operator of any source operation emitting or with the potential to emit oxides of nitrogen or reactive organic gases shall provide the District with a written statement, in such form as prescribed, showing actual emissions of oxides of nitrogen and reactive organic gases from such source. At a minimum the emission statement shall contain all information contained in the California Air Resources Board's (CARB's) Emission Inventory Turn Around Document as described in
Instructions for the Emission Data System Review and Update Report. The statement shall contain emissions for the time period specified by the Control Officer. The statement shall also contain a certification by a responsible official of the company that information contained in the statement is accurate to the best knowledge of the individual certifying the statement. The first statement shall cover 1992 emissions and shall be submitted to the district by June 1993. Statements shall be submitted annually thereafter.

III. Exemption

The Control Officer may waive this requirement to any class or category of stationary sources emitting less than 25 tons per year of oxides of nitrogen or reactive organic gases if the district provides CARB with an emission inventory of sources emitting greater than 10 tons per year of nitrogen oxides or reactive organic gases based on the use of emission factors acceptable to the CARB.