(Adopted 12/15/80, Amended 5/2/96)

The Control Officer may exempt from experimental research operations requirements of Regulation II if the following requirements are met. Failure to satisfy any of these requirements will result in revocation of an exemption and require compliance with requirements of Regulation II.

A. The purpose of the operation is to permit investigation, experimentation or research to advance the state of knowledge or the state of art of a particular control technology or industrial process;

B. The Control Officer is notified, in writing, of the purpose, goals and objectives of the project, measures to be taken to minimize the emission of air contaminants, the proposed installation date, the planned startup date, the expected duration of the test and test schedules.

C. The cumulative total days operation will not exceed 180. If the applicant intends to continue operation of the technology or process for more than 180 days, a compliance schedule for obtaining necessary permits under Regulation II shall be established by the Control Officer.

D. Official test results (if the project involves air pollution control devices) are submitted to the District, in writing and in final form, no more than sixty (60) days after each test sequence is complete; and

E. The Control Officer has granted prior written approval.

For purposes of this Rule, "experimental research operations" include any air pollution control device or technology or any industrial process or technology which is: a) innovative, b) not in common use for a particular process, or c) not readily available from a commercial supplier.