(Adopted 1/8/98)

I.    Purpose
The purpose of this Rule is to limit nonmethane organic compound (NMOC) emissions from municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills by implementing provisions of 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 60, Subpart Cc-Emission Guidelines and Compliance Times for MSW Landfills.

II.    Applicability
This Rule applies to all MSW landfills meeting the following conditions:

III.    Exemption
Provisions of this rule shall not apply to any Municipal Solid Waste Landfill subject to requirements of New Source Performance Standard, Subpart WWW-Standards of Performance for Municipal Solid Waste.

IV.    Definitions
Terms used but not defined in this rule have the meaning given them in 40 CFR 60.751 (Definitions) except:

V.     Requirements-Standards

    A.     The owner or operator of any MSW landfill shall submit an initial design capacity report and amended design capacity report as specified in 40 CFR 60.752 (Standards for Air Emissions form MSW Landfills). Any density conversions shall be documented and submitted with the report.

    B.     The owner or operator of any MSW landfill having a design capacity equal to or greater than 2.5 million megagrams or 2.5 million cubic meters, and a NMOC emission rate of 50 megagrams per year or more, as calculated pursuant to 40 CFR 60.754 (Test Methods and Procedures), shall install a collection and control system meeting conditions provided in 40 CFR 60.752(b)(2)(ii) and (iii), except as provided in Subsection V.C.2. of this rule. Such gas collection and control system shall meet operational standards of 40 CFR 60.753, compliance provisions of 40 CFR 60.755, and monitoring provisions of 40 CFR 60.756, except the Control Officer may approve alternatives in the design plan as provided in Subsection V.C.2. of this rule.

    C.     The owner or operator of any landfill subject to Subsection V.B. shall submit a site-specific collection and control design plan to the Control Officer as provided under 40 CFR 60.752(b)(2)(i).

    1. Such plan shall include any alternatives to operational standards, test methods, procedures, compliance measures, monitoring, recordkeeping or reporting provisions of 40 CFR 60.753 through 60.758.
    2. The Control Officer shall review and either approve or disapprove the plan or request submission of additional information. The design plan shall either conform with specifications for active collection systems set forth in 40 CFR 60.759 or include a demonstration to the Control Officer's satisfaction of the sufficiency of alternative provisions to 40 CFR 60.759. The design plan may include alternatives as specified in 40 CFR 60.752(b)(2)(i)(B).

VI.    Requirements-Recordkeeping and Reporting
The owner or operator of any MSW landfill shall meet recordkeeping and reporting requirements of 40 CFR 60.757 and 40 CFR 60.758, as applicable, except the Control Officer may approve alternative recordkeeping and reporting provisions as provided in Subsection V.C.2. of this Rule. Any records or reports required to be submitted pursuant to 40 CFR 60.757 or 40 CFR 60.758 shall be submitted to the Control Officer.

VII.    Compliance Schedule

VIII.    References
Requirements of this rule are mandated by provisions of Section 111 of the Federal Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. Section 7401 et. seq.); and U.S. EPA regulations setting forth emission guidelines for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (final rule, 40 CFR Part 60.30).