(Adopted 6/22/77, Amended 6/29/81, 5/2/96)

I. Definitions

Definitions used shall be those given in 40 CFR, Part 51, or equivalent ones established by mutual agreement of the District, California Air Resources Board, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

II. Continuous Monitoring

Upon the request of and as directed by the Control Officer, the owner shall provide, install, and operate continuous monitoring equipment on such operations as directed. The owner shall maintain, calibrate, and repair the equipment and shall keep the equipment operating at design capabilities.

III. Required Monitoring

The owner or operator shall provide, properly install, and maintain in good working order and in operation, continuous monitoring systems to measure the following pollutants from the following sources:

IV. Standards of Performance

V. File of Records

Owners or operators subject to provisions of this Rule shall maintain for a period of at least two years a record in permanent form suitable for inspection and shall make such record available upon request, to the California Air Resources Board and the District.

The record shall include:

VI. Quarterly Report

Owners or operators subject to provisions of this Rule shall submit a written report for each calendar quarter to the Control Officer. The report is due by the 30th day following the end of the calendar quarter and shall include:

A. Time intervals, date and magnitude of excess emissions; nature and cause of the excess (if known), corrective actions taken and preventive measures adopted;

B. Averaging period used for data reporting corresponding to averaging period specified in the emission test period used to determine compliance with an emission standard for the pollutant/source category in question;

C. Time and date of each period during which the continuous monitoring system was inoperative except for zero and span checks and the nature of system repairs and adjustments; and

D. A negative declaration when no excess emissions occurred.

VII. Violations

A violation of emission standards of these Rules, as shown by the stack-monitoring system, shall be reported by such person to the Control Officer within 96 hours. The District shall, in turn, report the violation to the California Air Resources Board within five working days after receiving the report of the violation.

VIII. Breakdowns

In the event of a breakdown of monitoring equipment, the owner shall notify the Control Officer within 48 hours and shall initiate repairs. The owner shall inform the Control Officer of the intent to shut down any monitoring equipment at least 24 hours prior to the event.

IX. Inspections

The Air Pollution Control Officer shall inspect, as she/he determines to be necessary, the monitoring devices required by this Rule to ensure that such devices are functioning properly.

X. Effective Dates