(Adopted 4/18/72, Amended 6/20/78, 6/30/80, 12/15/80, 6/29/81, 4/28/86, 6/29/87, 7/11/88, 6/1/93, 11/14/96, 9/4/97, 1/8/98)

I.     Filing Fee

Every applicant for an Authority to Construct or a Permit to Operate shall pay a filing fee of $104.00. If an application is filed for a Permit to Operate by reason of transfer of ownership from one person to another, a Permit to Operate had previously been granted, and no alteration, addition, or transfer of location has been made, the applicant shall pay a $50.00 filing fee.

II.     Authority to Construct and Permit to Operate Issuance Fees

III.    Annual Permit to Operate Renewal Fee

Annually on the anniversary of issuance of a Permit to Operate, the permittee shall pay a renewal fee as prescribed in Rule 302. The holder of permits with more than one anniversary date may adjust annual renewal payments to a single anniversary date by prorating renewal fee(s) as necessary. If the renewal fee is not paid within 30 days after it becomes due, the Control Officer shall promptly send a second notice to the permittee. If the fee is not paid within 30 days after such second notice, the permit may be revoked and the Control Officer shall so notify the permittee by mail.

IV.    Alteration of Equipment Fee

If an application is filed for an Authority to Construct or modified Permit to Operate by reason of alterations or additions to any existing equipment, the applicant may be subject to assessment of a fee resulting from the increase in total equipment rating used in Rule 302 to determine the applicable fee. Such fee will be due if the increase in rating results in a higher applicable fee schedule. Where there is no change in such rating or applicable fee schedule, the applicant shall pay only the filing fee required herein.

V.    Multiple Locations

When a permit has been issued to operate portable equipment at two or more locations, only one annual renewal fee shall be charged.

VI.    Duplicate Permit

A request for a duplicate Authority to Construct or Permit to Operate shall be made in writing to the Control Officer within 10 days after the destruction, loss or defacement of such document. Copy fees shall be charged in accordance with current Kern County Administrative Office policy.