Adopted 4/18/72, Amended 1/9/79, 6/1/93, 1/8/98

I.    Emissions Testing

If the Air Pollution Control Officer finds an analysis of emissions from any source is necessary to determine the extent and amount of pollutants being discharged into the atmosphere because it cannot be determined by visual observation, he may order collection and analysis of samples by qualified personnel of the Air Pollution Control District. Time required for collecting and analyzing samples, preparing necessary reports, but excluding time required in going to and from the source, may be charged to the owner or operator of said source in a reasonable sum to be determined by the Air Pollution Control Officer. Such sum shall not exceed the actual cost of such work.

II.    Application Processing
For issuance of an Authority to Construct required by Rule 201, or a Banking Certificate pursuant to Rule 210.3, the applicant shall pay, in addition to any fees required by Rules 301, or 301.1, an Engineering Analysis Fee of $35.00 per hour of time required to process the application and the cost of publishing all notices required by Rules 210.1 and 210.3. A minimum $35.00 Engineering Analysis Fee shall be assessed for processing an application.

III.    CEQA Documents Preparation

If the Control District prepares environmental impact reports or negative declarations under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for permit applications for which a permit is required by the Rules and Regulations of the Control District, the applicant shall be assessed a fee to offset District costs pursuant to Section 15045 of the California Office of Planning and Research's guidelines for implementation of the 1970 CEQA.

IV.    Portable Equipment Inspections

If the Control District finds it necessary to inspect a portable engine (and/or associated equipment) registered with the California Air Resources Board pursuant to Section 41753 of the California Health & Safety Code, it may charge an inspection fee not to exceed $75.