RULE 408 - Fuel Burning Equipment - Valley Basin - Adopted 4/18/72, Amended 7/18/83, Renumbered 5/89

I. This rule shall not apply to new fuel burning equipment as defined in Rule 409 for which an initial application for a permit is accepted after September 12, 1982, has not been approved as of July 18, 1983, and which, for each air contaminant for which an exemption is requested, meets all of the following requirements:

A. Achieves Lowest Achievable Emission Rate or uses Best Available Control Technology as defined in Sections I.A. and I.F. of Rule 210.1, for federal nonattainment and attainment pollutants, respectively;

B. Results in a net air quality benefit in the area affected by emissions from such equipment, as determined by the Air Pollution Control Officer; and

C. Otherwise meets the requirements of Rule 210.1.

II. A person shall not build, erect, install or expand any non-mobile fuel burning equipment unit unless the discharge into the atmosphere of contaminants will not and does not exceed any one or more of the following rates: (Adopted 4-18-72)

A. 200 pounds per hour of sulfur compounds, calculated as sulfur dioxide (SO2);

B. 140 pounds per hour of nitrogen oxides, calculated as nitrogen dioxide (NO2);

C. 10 pounds per hour of combustion contaminant as defined in Rule 102 F. and derived from the fuel.