RULE 205 Permit Renewal - Adopted 4/18/72, Amended 6/1/87,

          I.    Permit to Operate

                A.  Payment of Fees - A Permit to Operate issued pursuant
                    to Rule 201, Subsection I. shall be renewed each year
                    by the applicant by payment of the annual permit
                    renewal fee in the amount and manner prescribed by
                    Regulation III.

                B.  Non-Operating Equipment - A Permit to Operate non-
                    operating equipment may be renewed provided such
                    equipment is intact and operable.

                C.  Removed Equipment - A Permit to Operate removed
                    equipment may be renewed if such equipment is portable
                    and: 1) the Permit is current,  2) is to be returned
                    intact within no more than one year,  and 3) the
                    owner/operator notifies the District, in writing, upon
                    removal and prior to the equipment's return.

          II.   Authority to Construct

                An Authority to Construct shall expire two years from the
                date of issuance unless a Subsection below provides for

                A.  An Authority to Construct can be renewed upon
                    application for one two year period provided the
                    applicant has obtained all necessary zoning and
                    preconstruction approvals or permits from other
                    agencies and has:

                    1.  Begun, or caused to begin, a continuous program of
                        actual onsite construction of equipment authorized
                        by the Authority to Construct; or

                    2.  Entered into binding agreements or contractual
                        obligations, which cannot be canceled or modified
                        without substantial loss to the owner or operator,
                        to undertake a program of actual construction of
                        equipment authorized by the Authority to Construct.

                B.  If all zoning and preconstruction permits from other
                    agencies have not been obtained and construction has
                    not commenced due to economic downturn, an Authority to
                    Construct can be renewed for one two year period upon
                    application provided applications for these permits
                    have been filed prior to the expiration of the initial
                    Authority to Construct.

                    "Economic Downturn" means it has not been economically
                    feasible to proceed with construction due to current
                    product value and there is a reasonable probability the
                    project will be economically feasible within the
                    foreseeable future.

                C.  Notwithstanding Subsection II.A., an Authority to
                    Construct emissions control equipment can be renewed
                    upon application.