RULE 210.2 Standards for Permits to Operate - Adopted 12/28/76,
                     Amended 4/25/78, 5/15/78, 6/26/79, 4/5/82, 8/27/84,
                     9/16/85, 6/1/87

                     (This Rule becomes effective and replaces Rule 210.2
                     currently in effect on the date the California Air
                     Resources Board executes the Executive Order that
                     adopts this Rule as a revision to the State
                     Implementation Plan.)

          I.    Definitions

                The definitions contained in Rule 210.1 shall be applicable
                to this Rule.

          II.   General
                The Control Officer shall deny a Permit to Operate for any
                new or modified stationary source, or any portion thereof,
                to which Rule 210.1 applies unless:

                A. The owner or operator of the source of modification has
                   obtained an Authority to Construct granted pursuant to
                   Rule 210.1;

                B. The Control Officer has determined the source or
                   modification, and any sources or modifications which
                   provide offsets, have been constructed and/or modified
                   to operate and emit quantities of air contaminants,
                   consistent with conditions imposed on respective
                   Authority to Construct permit(s) under Section VI. of
                   Rule 210.1;

                C. The Control Officer has determined that any offsets
                   required as a condition of the Authority to Construct
                   will commence at the time of, or prior to, initial
                   operation of the new source or modification, and that
                   offsets will be maintained throughout operation of the
                   new or modified source.  In the case of a new or
                   modified source which will be, in whole or in part, a
                   replacement for an existing source on the same property,
                   the Control Officer may allow a maximum of 180 days as a
                   startup period for simultaneous operation of the
                   existing stationary source and the new stationary source
                   or replacement; and

                D. The Control Officer has determined all conditions
                   specified in the Authority to Construct have been, or
                   likely will be complied with by any dates specified.

          III.  Requirements

                The Control Officer shall require as a condition for
                issuance of any Permit to Operate for a new or modified
                source, that the source and any offset source be operated
                consistent with any conditions imposed on respective
                Authority to Construct permit(s) under Section VI. of
                Rule 210.1.

          IV.   Severability

                If any portion of this Rule is found to be unenforceable,
                such finding shall have no effect on the enforceability of
                remaining portions of the rule, which shall continue to be
                in full force and effect.