RULE 505 Petitions for Variances - Adopted 4/18/72, 
                   Amended 1972-1975, Renumbered 5/89

          I.  In addition to the matters required by Rule 504, petitions
              for variances shall state briefly:

              A.  The Section, Rule or Order complained of.

              B.  The facts showing why compliance with the Section, 
                  Rule, or Order is unreasonable.

              C.  For what period of time the variance is sought and why.
                  Include a compliance schedule which shows the dates when
                  the following milestones will be or were completed:

                  1.  Submission of final control plans,

                  2.  Issuance of contracts or purchase orders for the
                      process and control equipment,

                  3.  Initiation of on-site construction of process and
                      control equipment,

                  4.  Completion of process and control equipment and,

                  5.  Final compliance.

              D.  The damage or harm resulting or which would result to
                  petitioner from a compliance with such Section, Rule or

              E.  The requirements which petitioner can meet and the date
                  when petitioner can comply with such requirements.

              F.  The advantages and disadvantages to the residents of the
                  District resulting requiring compliance or resulting from
                  granting a variance.

              G.  Whether or not operations under such variance, if
                  granted, would constitute nuisance.

              H.  Whether or not any case involving the same identical
                  equipment or process is pending in any court, civil or

              I.  Whether or not the subject equipment or process is
                  covered by a Permit to Operate issued by the Air
                  Pollution Control Officer.