Chapter X, Article IV Procedure


Section 1730: Non-acceptance of Petition: The clerk may refuse to file a Petition which does not comply with the applicable provisions set forth herein. The chairman or three (3) members of the Hearing Board may in writing order acceptance of the Petition or request the Petitioner to state further facts to reframe his Petition to disclose more clearly the issue involved.
Section 1731: The Petitioner may dismiss his Petition at any time prior to a hearing and the clerk shall notify all interested parties.
Section 1732: Not less than ten (10) days prior to the hearing, Petitioner may amend his Petition and shall serve all necessary parties with a copy thereof. Amendments within ten (10) days of a hearing may be allowed at the discretion of the Hearing Board.
Section 1733: If a district is included within a Regional District at a later date, any variance shall remain valid for the time specified therein, or for one year, whichever is shorter, or unless the Regional Hearing Board modifies or revokes the variance.
Section 1734: The State Board may revoke or modify any variance granted by the District if Permittee does not as expeditiously as practicable, comply with the required schedule of increments of progress, emission standards, or any other applicable requirement set forth in this Chapter.
Section 1735: Following immediate notice to the interested party, a public hearing shall be held in the usual required manner.
Section 1736: The District may set a schedule of fees to cover, but not to exceed, the estimated cost of administration and the filing of applications in all matters pertaining to this Chapter.