RULE 7:1 - Purpose and General Requirements.

[Reference: 40 CFR 70.1, 70.4, 70.6(a)(6) and 70.7(a)(6) and (b)]

  1. Regulation VII implements the requirements of Title V of the federal Clean Air Act as amended in 1990 (CAA) for permits to operate. Title V provides for the establishment of operating permit programs for stationary sources which emit regulated air pollutants, including attainment and nonattainment pollutants. Sources subject to Regulation VII shall obtain permits to operate pursuant to this regulation. Each permit to operate issued pursuant to Regulation VII shall contain conditions and requirements adequate to ensure compliance with and the enforceability of:
    1. All applicable provisions of Division 26 of the H&SC, commencing with section 39000;
    2. All applicable orders, rules, and regulations of the District and the California Air Resources Board (ARB);
    3. All applicable provisions of the applicable implementation plan required by the CAA;
    4. Each applicable emission standard or limitation, rule, regulation, or requirement adopted or promulgated to implement the CAA; and
    5. The requirements of all preconstruction permits issued pursuant to Parts C and D of the CAA.
  2. The effective date of Regulation VII is the date the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) promulgates interim, partial, or final approval of this regulation in the Federal Register. By the effective date of Regulation VII, the Lassen County Air Pollution Control District (District) shall implement an operating permit program pursuant to the requirements of this regulation which shall augment and take precedence over conflicting administrative requirements of other provisions of the District's rules and regulations.
  3. The District shall also continue to implement its existing programs pertaining to Regulations II (Permits) and VI (New Source Siting). Nothing in Regulation VII limits the authority of the District to revoke or terminate a permit pursuant to sections 40808, and 42307-42309 of the California Health and Safety Code (H&SC).
  4. The operation of an emissions unit to which Regulation VII is applicable without a permit or in violation of any applicable permit condition or requirement shall be a violation of Regulation VII.