RULE 7:2 - Applicability. [Reference: 40 CFR 70.3(a)]

The sources listed below are subject to the requirements of Regulation VII:

  1. A major source;
  2. A source with an acid rain unit for which application for an Acid Rain Permit is required pursuant to Title IV of the CAA;
  3. A solid waste incinerator subject to a performance standard promulgated pursuant to section 111 or 129 of the CAA;
  4. Any other source in a source category designated by rule of the U.S. EPA; and
  5. Any source that is subject to a standard or other requirement promulgated pursuant to section 111 or 112 of the CAA, published after July 21, 1992, and is designated, pursuant to 40 CFR 70.3, by the U.S. EPA at the time the new standard or requirement is promulgated