ARTICLE II
          A.   Purpose

               To limit the emission of organic compounds from contaminated
               soil and to describe an acceptable soil aeration procedure.

          B.   Definitions

               1.   Active Storage Pile
                    A  pile of contaminated soil to which soil is currently
                    being  added  or  from  which  soil  is currently being
                    removed. Activity must have occurred or  be anticipated
                    to occur within one hour to be current.

               2.   Aeration
                    Exposure of excavated contaminated soil to the air.

               3.   Aeration Depth
                    The smaller of the following: the actual average  depth
                    of  contaminated  soil;  or  6 inches multiplied by the
                    daily frequency with which soil is turned.  The exposed
                    surface area includes the pile of excavated soil unless
                    the pile is covered.

               4.   Aeration Volume
                    The volume of soil being aerated shall be calculated as
                    follows: the exposed surface area  in square feet shall
                    be multiplied by the aeration depth.

               5.   Contaminated Soil
                    Soil  which  has  an organic content exceeding  50  ppm

               6.   Organic Compound
                    Any  compound  of  carbon,  excluding  methane,  carbon
                    monoxide,  carbon  dioxide,  carbonic  acid,   metallic
                    carbides or carbonates and ammonium carbonate.

               7.   Organic Content
                    The concentration of  organic compounds measured in the
                    composite  sample  collected  and  analyzed  using  the
                    procedures specified by this Rule.

          C.   Excavation of Contaminated Soil

               The person responsible for aeration of any contaminated soil
               shall provide the District with the following information no
               less than 24 hours prior  to  spreading  or  heating  of any
               contaminated soil.  The District shall be notified within 24
               hours if any of the parameters change.

               1.   Estimated maximum quantity of soil to be aerated.

               2.   Estimated  maximum  quantity  of soil to be aerated per
               3.   Estimated  maximum  degree of contamination,  or  total
                    organic content of soil.

               4.   Chemical composition of contaminating organic compounds
                    (i.e., gasoline, methylene, chloride, etc.).

               5.   A description of the  basis  from which these estimates
                    are derived (soil analysis test reports, etc.).

                    During Excavation and Aeration  daily  records shall be
                    kept of:

                    a.   Total quantity of soil aerated per day.
                    b.   Organic content of soil aerated daily.

          D.   Uncontrolled Aeration

               A  person shall not aerate contaminated soil at  a  rate  in
               excess  of  that  specified  in  Table  1  for the degree of
               organic  content. The limitations in Table 1  apply  to  the
               entire facility,  and  indicate  the  volume of contaminated
               soil  that may be added, on any one day,  to  soil  that  is
               already aerating.

                                       Table 1
                        Allowable Rate of Uncontrolled Aeration
           PPM (weight)                           Cubic yards/day
           <50                                         No Limit
           50 - 100                                    600
           100 - 500                                   120
           500 - 1000                                  60
           1000 - 2000                                 30
           2000 - 3000                                 15
           3000 - 4000                                 10
           4000 - 5000                                 8
               >5000                                   0.1

          E.   Controlled Aeration

               Soil may  be  aerated  at rates exceeding the limitations of
               Table  I provided emissions  of  organic  compounds  to  the
               atmosphere are reduced by at least 90% by weight.

          F.   Storage Piles

               Contaminated  soil  which  is  not  being  aerated  shall be
               covered  except  when  soil  is  being added or removed. Any
               uncovered  contaminated  soil  will  be   considered  to  be
               aerated.   The   soil  may  be  covered  with  a  layer   of
               uncontaminated soil  no less than six inches deep; or it may
               be covered with a tarp  or  other covering, provided no head
               space where vapors may accumulate is formed.

          G.   Exemptions

               1.   Storage Pile
                    Calculations  of  aeration  volume  shall  not  include
                    storage piles that  are  covered nor shall they include
                    active storage piles.

               2.   Excavated Hole
                    The exposed surface of an  excavated  hole shall not be
                    included in calculations of aerated volume.

               3.   Sampling
                    Contaminated  soil  exposed  for  the sole  purpose  of
                    sampling  shall  not  be  considered  to   be  aerated.
                    Removal of soil for sampling shall not qualify  a  pile
                    as "active".

               4.   Non-volatile Hydrocarbons
                    The  requirements  of  this Rule shall not apply if the
                    soil is contaminated only  by  a known organic chemical
                    or petroleum liquid, and that chemical or liquid has an
                    initial boiling point of 302F or  higher, provided that
                    the soil is not heated.

          H.   Soil Sampling

               One  composite sample shall be collected  and  analyzed  for
               every  50  cubic  yards of excavated contaminated soil to be
               aerated. At least one  composite  sample  shall be collected
               from each inactive, uncovered storage pile  within  24 hours
               of  excavation.   Samples  are  not required if the soil  is

               1.   Each composite sample shall  consist  of  four seperate
                    soil samples taken using the procedures described below
                    unless  other  methods  are  approved  by  the  control

               2.   Samples shall be taken from at least three inches below
                    the  surface  of  the  pile  using  a  driven-tube type
                    sampler,  capped  and sealed with inert materials,  and
                    extruded in the lab  in  order  to  reduce  the loss of
                    volatile materials; or by using a clean brass  tube (at
                    least  three  inches long) driven into the soil with  a
                    suitable instrument.  The  ends of the brass tube shall
                    then be covered with aluminum  foil,  then  plastic end
                    caps,  and  finally  wrapped with a suitable tape.  The
                    samples shall then be immediately placed on ice, or dry
                    ice, for transport to a laboratory.

          I.   Measurement of Organic Content

               Organic content of soil shall  be determined by the Regional
               Water  Quality Control Board's Revised  Analytical  Methods,
               Attachment  2,  11/8/85,  or  other  methods approved by the
               control officer.