The following fires are excepted from the provisions of Rule 4:7.

  1. Fires used only for cooking of food for human beings or for recreational purposes.
  2. Fires for disposal of household rubbish originating at one and two family dwellings, which fires are maintained by the occupant of the dwelling at the dwelling.
  3. Any fires set or permitted by any public officer, in the performance of official duty, if such fire is set or permission given for the purpose of weed abatement, the prevention of a fire hazard, including the disposal of dangerous materials where there is no safe alternate method of disposal, or in the instruction of public employees in the methods of fighting fires, which fire is, in the opinion of such official, necessary.
  4. Fires set for the purpose of instruction of industrial employees in the methods of fighting fire, provided prior permission has been granted by a public officer in the performance of official duty by the Control Officer.
  5. An agricultural fire set by or permitted by the County Agricultural Commissioner of the County, if such fire is set or permission given in the performance of the official duty of such County Agricultural Commissioner for the purpose of disease and pest prevention.
  6. Safety flares for the combustion of waste gases.
  7. Fires set for the purpose of disposal of waste materials created as an incidence to the clearance and development of land for road or right of way purposes, by a public entity or utility company provided that such fires shall be burned only after approval by a fire official having jurisdiction in the performance of official duty and the Control Officer.
  8. Except in case of emergency, permits for setting of any fire or fires permitted by paragraphs (c), (d), (e), (g) of this Rule shall be granted by the public official having jurisdiction, and only after consultation with the Control Officer.
  9. Any fire, if it can be demonstrated that nothing but carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, or water vapor is emitted under all operating conditions.
  10. Open outdoor fires maintained by a City or County for the purpose of disposition of nonindustrial wood waste, with the approval of the California Air Resources Board and the Control Officer.
  11. Smoke emission from burners used to produce energy and fired by forestry and agricultural residues with supplementary fossil fuels when the emissions result from startup or shutdown of the combustion process or from the malfunction of emission control equipment. This subdivision does not apply to emissions which exceed a period or periods of time aggregating more than 30 minutes in any 24-hour period. This subdivision does not apply to emissions which result from the failure to operate and maintain in good working order any emission control equipment.