MBUAPCD RULE 424 NATL. EMISSION STDS. FOR HAZ. AIR POLL.                                    
                                    REGULATION IV

                         AIR POLLUTANTS (NESHAPS)
            (Adopted 5-31-78; Revised 3-21-79, 10-11-84, 12-13-84,
             12-17-86, 12-16-87, and 2-20-91.)



                      2.   APPLICABILITY

                      3.   DEFINITION:  ADMINISTRATOR

                      4.   LIST OF INCORPORATED CFR PROVISIONS

          022091                                              Rule 424:  1
                                    REGULATION IV

            1. Incorporation of Federal Standards.
              The  provisions of Part 61, Chapter I, Title 40 of the Code
              of Federal  Regulations  (40  CFR  Part  61),  which are in
              effect on Febuary 20, 1991, are incorporated herein as part
              of  the  Rules and Regulations of the Monterey Bay  Unified
              Air Pollution  Control  District.  Applicable provisions of
              40 CFR Part 61 include those  incorporated  in  the current
              bound  CFR  volume plus any provisions recently promulgated
              by EPA, as noticed  in  the  Federal  Register, but not yet
              incorporated into the bound CFR.  Where there are currently
              effective  provisions  which are not yet  included  in  the
              bound CFR volume, the Federal Register notice by which each
              provision was promulgated  is  referenced  at  the affected
              subpart in Appendix A of this Rule.

            2. Applicability.
              All  stationary  sources  of  air  pollution  to which  any
              Subpart   listed  below  applies  shall  comply  with   the
              standards,  criteria,  and  requirements set forth herein. 
              Whenever  any source is subject  to  more  than  one  rule,
              regulation,   provision  or  requirement  relating  to  the
              control  of  any   air   contaminant,  the  most  stringent
              provision shall apply.

            3. "Administrator" means "APCO".
              For the purpose of this Rule,  the  word "Administrator" as
              used in 40 CFR Part 61 shall mean the Air Pollution Control
              Officer (APCO) of the District, except  where the reference
              to  "Administrator"  relates  to approval of  alternate  or
              equivalent test methods or alternative work practices.

            4. List of Incorporated CFR Provisions.
              The following table lists all 40  CFR  Part  61  provisions
              which  are  incorporated in their entirety as part of  this
              Rule.  Federal  Register  (FR)  references are to currently
              effective provisions promulgated  or revised by EPA but not
              yet incorporated into the currently  available CFR volume. 
              Notations  in  this  list  indicate  deviations   from  the
              EPA-promulgated provision found in the CFR which have  been
              adopted by the District Board for inclusion in this Rule.

          022091                                              Rule 424:  2
                                    REGULATION IV

            CFR Subpart                            Title

              Subpart A                 General Provisions.

              Subpart B                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Radon-22      Emissions      from
                                        Underground Uranium Mines.

              Subpart C                 National Emission Standard for

              Subpart D                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Beryllium Rocket Motor Firing.

              Subpart E                 National Emission Standard for

              Subpart F                 National  Emission  Standard  for
                                        Vinyl Chloride.
                                        (As revised at 55 FR 28346)

              Subpart H                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Radionuclide    Emissions    from
                                        Department      Energy      (DOE)

              Subpart I                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Radionuclide    Emissions    from
                                        Facilities    Licensed   by   the
                                        Nuclear   Regulatory   Commission
                                        (NRC) and Federal  Facilities not
                                        Covered by Suppart H.

              Subpart J                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Equipment     Leaks     (Fugitive
                                        Emission Sources) of Benzene. 

              Subpart K                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Radionuclide    Emissions    from
                                        Elemental Phosphorous Plants.

              Subpart L                 Benzene Emissions from Coke
                                        By-Products Recovery Plants.
                                        (54 FR 38044)

              Subpart M                 National Emission Standard for
                                        (As revised at 55 FR 48406)

                                        NOTE:   The  following provisions
                                        are   added   to   the    federal
                                        provisions indicated.

                                        o  The definition of "Asbestos
                                     Mill"   at  61.141  is  revised  to
                                     include  the   indoor   or   outdoor
                                     storage,  handling,  conveying,  and
                                     loading of asbestos material.

                                        o   The  definition  of  "Visible
                                        Emissions"   at      61.141   is
                                        clarified to include emissions
                                        from any source, whether  a point
                                        source or an area source.

                                        o   The Standard for Roadways  at
                                        61.143  is  revised  to add: "No
                                        person  shall cause or allow  the
                                        deposition of any asbestos
                                        material  upon any public roadway
                                        as a result  of  any transport or
                                        hauling activity."

                                        o    The   Standard   for   waste
                                        disposal  for  asbestos mills  at
                                        61.151  is  revised  to  include
                                        incineration among the activities
                                        from which visible emissions are

              Subpart N                 National  Emission  Standard  for
                                        Inorganic Arsenic  Emissions from
                                        Glass Manufacturing Plants.

              Subpart O                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Inorganic  Arsenic Emissions from
                                        Primary Copper smelters.

              Subpart P                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Inorganic  Arsenic Emissions from
                                        Arsenic  Trioxide   and  Metallic
                                        Arsenic Production Facilities.

              Subpart V                 National Emission Standard for
                                        Equipment     Leaks     (Fugitive
                                        Emission Sources).

              Subpart W                 National Emission Standards for
                                        Radon-222 Emissions from Licensed
                                        Uranium Mill Tailings.

              Subpart Y                 Benzene Emissions from Benzene
                                        Storage Vessels.
                                        (54 FR 38044)

              Subpart BB                Benzene Emissions from Benzene
                                        Transfer Operations.
                                        (55 FR 8292)

              Subpart FF                Benzene Waste Operations
                                        (55 FR 8292)

              Appendix A                Compliance status information.

              Appendix B                Test Methods.

              Appendix C                Quality Assurance Procedures.

                                    * * * * *

          022091                                              Rule 424:  3