1. New source review procedures in accordance with Rule 220(b) shall not be required for temporary stationary sources which will be in operation for less than 90 days duration providing best available control technology is applied and such operations will not interfere with the control strategy of the SIP.
  2. New source review procedure in accordance with Rule 220(b), Rule 230(a)(4) and Rule 230(a)(2) shall not be required for geothermal power plants or steam transmission lines which will not, under all normal operating conditions, emit greater than 5 lbs. H2S/1,000,000 lbs. steam or 1.0 kg H2S/hr (as provided below) provided it is not considered a major source or a major modification (Reference: 40 CFR 52.21(b)). The 1.0 kg H2S/hr exclusion shall apply only to geothermal power facilities with an electrical generating capacity of 20 Megawatts or less, provided:
    1. No more than one such facility is within a 1.0 km radius area from any existing power plant facility (as of Jan. 1, 1985), and no more than one such facility is within a 0.5 km radius area of another, or
    2. The facility can provide a significant net annual H2S emissions reduction.