1. The handling, transporting, or open storage of materials in such a manner which allows or may allow unnecessary amounts of particulate matter to become airborne, shall not be permitted.
  2. Reasonable precautions shall be taken to prevent particulate matter from becoming airborne, including, but not limited to, the following provisions:
    1. Covering open bodied trucks when used for transporting materials likely to give rise to airborne dust.
    2. Installation and use of hoods, fans, and fabric filters to enclose and vent the handling of dusty materials. Containment methods can be employed during sandblasting and other similar operations.
    3. Conduct agricultural practices in such a manner as to minimize the creation of airborne dust.
    4. The use of water or chemicals for control of dust in the demolition of existing buildings or structures, construction operations, the grading of roads or the clearing of land.
    5. The application of asphalt, oil, water or suitable chemicals on dirt roads, materials stockpiles, and other surfaces which can give rise to airborne dusts.
    6. The paving of roadways and their maintenance in a clean condition.
    7. The prompt removal of earth or other material from paved streets onto which earth or other material has been transported by trucking or earth moving equipment, erosion by water, or other means.