Owners or operators of sources required to have continuous
               emission  monitors shall have installed all necessary
               equipment and shall have begun monitoring and recording by
               October 6, 1978.

          II.   REPORTING

                (a) FILE OF RECORDS

                    Owners or operators subject to the provisions of these
                    rules and regulations shall maintain for a period of at
                    least two years a record in a permanent form suitable 
                    for inspection and shall make such record available upon
                    request, to the Air Resources Board and the District.  
                    The record shall include:

                    (1) Occurrence and duration of any start up, shut down 
                        or malfunction in the operation of any affected 

                    (2) Performance testing, evaluations, calibration 
                        checks, adjustments, and maintenance of any 
                        continuous emission monitors that have been 
                        installed pursuant to these rules.

                    (3) Emission measurements reported in units consistent 
                        with applicable standards.

                (b) QUARTERLY REPORT

                    Owners or operators subject to provisions of these 
                    rules and regulations shall submit a written report for 
                    each calendar quarter to the Control Officer.  The 
                    report is due by the 30th day following the end of the 
                    calendar quarter and shall include:

                    (1) Time intervals, date and magnitude of excess 
                        emissions, nature and cause of the excess (if 
                        known), corrective actions taken and preventive 
                        measures adopted.

                    (2) Averaging period used for data reporting 
                        corresponding to averaging period specified in the 
                        emission test period used to determine compliance 
                        with an emission standard for the pollutant/source 
                        category in question.

                    (3) Time and date of each period during which the
                        continuous monitoring system was inoperative except
                        for zero and span checks and the nature of system
                        repairs and adjustments.

                    (4) A negative declaration when no excess emissions

                    (5) Reports on opacity monitors giving the number of 
                        three-minute periods during which the average 
                        opacity exceeded the standard for each hour of 
                        operation.  The averages may be obtained by 
                        integration over the averaging period or by 
                        arithmetically averaging a minimum of four equally 
                        spaced instantaneous opacity measurements per 
                        minute.  Any time period exempted shall be 
                        considered before determining the excess averages 
                        of opacity.

                (c) REPORTS OF VIOLATIONS

                    Any violation of any emission standard to which the
                    stationary source is required to conform, as indicated 
                    by the records of the monitoring device, shall be 
                    reported by the operator of the source to the District 
                    within 96 hours after such occurrence.  The District 
                    shall, in turn, report the violation to the Air 
                    Resources Board within five working days after receiving 
                    the report of the violation from the operator.


                Data shall be reduced according to the procedure 
                established in 40 CFR, Part 51, Appendix P, paragraphs 5.0 
                through 5.3.3, or by other methods deemed equivalent by 
                joint decision of the District, Air Resources Board, and 
                Environmental Protection Agency.


                (a) Systems shall be installed, calibrated, maintained, 
                    and operated in accordance with the following sections 
                    of 40 CFR:

                    (1) Fossil-Fuel Fired Steam Generators:  Section 60.45

                    (2) Sulfuric Acid Plants:  Section 60.84

                    (3) Nitric Acid Plants:  Section 60.73

                    (4) Petroleum Refineries:  Section 60.105

                    (5) Kraft Pulp Mills:  NCASI Technical Bulletin #89

                (b) Calibration gas mixtures shall meet the specifications 
                    in 40 CFR, Part 51, Appendix P, Section 3.3 and Part 60,
                    Appendix B, Performance Specification 2, Section 2.11.

                (c) Cycling times shall be those specified in 40 CFR, 
                    Part 51, Appendix P, Section 3.4, 3.4.1, and 3.4.2.

                (d) The continuous SO2 and NOx monitors shall meet the
                    applicable performance specification requirements in 
                    40 CFR, Part 51, Appendix P, and Part 60, Appendix B.
                (e) The continuous CO2 and O2 monitoring systems shall meet 
                    the performance specification requirements in CFR 40, 
                    Part 51, Appendix P, and Part 60, Appendix B.

                (f) Opacity monitoring systems shall meet the performance
                    specifications of 40 CFR 60, Appendix B, Performance 
                    Specification No. 1.

                Equivalent alternate performance specifications may be
                established by mutual agreement of the Environmental
                Protection Agency, Air Resources  Board and the District.

          V.    DEFINITIONS

                Definitions shall be those given in 40 CFR, Part 51.