REGULATION 3 - SECTION 3

         RULE 3-100 - TITLE:


         This regulation is adopted pursuant to the provisions of Section 
         93102, Titles 17 and 26, California Code of Regulations (CCR).

                                                     [Adopted May 12, 1992]

          RULE 3-110 - PURPOSE:

          On January 23, 1986, pursuant to Section 39662 of the Health and
          Safety Code, the Air Resources Board (ARB) identified hexavalent
          chromium as a toxic air contaminant for which there is not
          sufficient available scientific evidence to support
          identification of a threshold exposure level below which no
          significant adverse health effects are anticipated (see Title 17,
          California Code of Regulations, Section 93000).  This airborne
          toxic control measure will reduce hexavalent chromium emissions
          from chromatic treated cooling towers and cancer incidence to the
          lowest level achievable through application of best available
          control technology at operations subject to this measure.

          RULE 3-120 - APPLICABILITY:

          This regulation shall apply to any person who owns, operates, or
          who plans to build, own, or operate, a cooling tower.

          RULE 3-130 - DEFINITIONS:

          (a)  COOLING TOWER:

          A device which evaporates circulating water to remove heat from a
          process, a building, or a refrigerator, and puts the heat into
          the ambient air.

          (b)  DISTRICT:

          The local air pollution control district or air quality
          management district.
          (c)  EFFECTIVE DATE:

          180 days after the adoption of this rule by the District.


          Substances identified as toxic air contaminants by the Air
          Resources Board.

          (e)  MUST:

          Means a provision is mandatory, and may means a provision is

          (f)  OWNER/OPERATOR:

          The person who owns or operates, or who plans to build, own or
          operate a cooling tower.

          RULE 3-200 - PERMITS:

          (a)  Any owner or operator of a new or existing cooling tower shall
          file an application for an Authority to Construct with the
          District.  The application for existing cooling towers shall be
          filed with the District within 90 days of rule adoption by the
          District and the applicant shall pay the fees as specified in
          Rule 3-300 - Fees.

          RULE 3-300 - FEES:

          (a)  INITIAL FEE:

             (1)  Every applicant for an Authority to Construct at any new or
          existing cooling tower as required by this regulation shall pay
          an initial application fee of $200.00 at the time of the filing
          of the application.

          (b)  ANNUAL RENEWAL FEE:

             (1)  July 1 of each year, all holders of a Permit to Operate
          shall be notified by the District of the annual permit renewal
          fees of $100.00 per cooling tower.

          (c)  TRANSFER OF OWNER:

          Where an application is filed for a Permit to Operate any cooling
          tower by reason of transfer of owner, and where a Permit to
          Operate has been previously granted under Rule 3-200, and no
          modifications to the facility have been made, the applicant shall
          pay a $50.00 transfer fee.


          Where an application is filed for an Authority to Construct or a
          Permit to Operate exclusively involving revisions to the
          conditions of an existing Authority to Construct or Permit to
          Operate or involving alterations or additions resulting in a
          change to any existing cooling tower holding a permit under the
          provisions of this regulation, the permit fee shall be
          recalculated to show any rating changes and pro-rated for the
          balance of the annual permit period.

          (e)  DUPLICATE PERMIT:

          A request for a duplicate Permit to Operate shall be made in
          writing to the District within 10 days after the destruction, 
          loss or defacement of a Permit to Operate and shall contain the 
          reason a duplicate is being requested.  A fee of $20.00 shall be 
          paid for a duplicate Permit to Operate.

          (f)  LATE FEE PENALTY:

          If any cooling tower is constructed or operated without the owner
          or operator obtaining an Authority to Construct in accordance
          with Rule 3-200, the applicant shall be assessed a late fee
          penalty which is one and one-half times the applicable initial
          fee.  The assessment of a late fee penalty shall not limit the
          District's right to pursue any other remedy provided for by law.


          (a)  Within 90 days after adoption of this rule by the District,
          every Owner/Operator of a cooling tower shall provide the
          following information to the District:

             (1)  Location of cooling tower(s).

             (2)  Owner/Operator of cooling tower(s).

             (3)  Whether or not Owner/Operator uses or has used hexavalent

             (4)  When you stopped or plan to stop the use of hexavalent

          (b)  Every Owner/Operator of a cooling tower where hexavalent
          chromium is or has been used shall do the following:

             (1)  Stop any further addition of hexavalent chromium containing
          compounds to the cooling tower circulation water after the
          effective date of this rule.

             (2)  Within 180 days after the District adopts this rule, the
          hexavalent chromium concentration in the cooling tower
          circulating water shall be less than 0.15 milligrams hexavalent
          chromium per liter of circulating water and shall be maintained
          below 0.15 milligrams per liter thereafter.

             (3)  Test the circulating water to determine the concentration
          of hexavalent chromium every six months.  Testing must continue
          until 2 consecutive required tests show hexavalent chromium
          concentrations to be below 0.15 milligrams per liter of
          circulating water.  The District may require testing to resume if
          the District has information that circulating water may contain
          hexavalent chromium.

             (4)  Keep the results of all required tests of circulating water
          for two years, and give them to the District when asked.

             (5)  Owner/Operators who have wooden cooling towers that are
          exposed to hexavalent chromium containing compounds shall be
          exempt from the requirements of Subsection (b)-2 above for a period 
          of 180 days if all of the following conditions are met:

                (a)  Comply with all other requirements of the rule.

                (b)  Notify the District that you have a wooden cooling tower
          exposed to circulating water and that you plan to take advantage
          of this section.

                (c)  Test circulating water to determine hexavalent chromium
          on a monthly basis.

                (d)  Show a decrease in hexavalent chromium concentrations in
          circulation water.

                (e)  Hexavalent chromium concentrations must not exceed 8
          milligrams per liter of circulating water.

                (f)  Keep the test results of circulating water for a period
          of two years and submit them to the District upon request.

          (c)  Every Owner/Operator of a cooling tower who has never used
          hexavalent chromium compounds within one year prior to the
          effective date of this rule, may petition the Air Pollution
          Control Officer for an exemption from the testing requirements of
          this rule.  The District may require the testing of the
          circulating water at any time, if the District has information
          that the circulating water may contain hexavalent chromium.

          RULE 3-500 - TESTING METHOD:

          Hexavalent chromium concentrations in circulating cooling tower
          water shall be determined by use of American Public Health
          Association Method 312B, or an equivalent method approved by the
          District.  This method is printed in Standard Methods for the
          Examination of Water and Wastewater, Sixteenth Edition, published
          by the American Public Health Association.

                                                  [Adopted August 20, 1991]