(Adopted: January 7, 1977; Amended: December 19, 1988)

Except as otherwise specifically provided in these rules and except where the context otherwise indicates, words used in these rules are used in exactly the same sense as the same words are used in Division 26 of the Health and Safety Code.

AGRICULTURAL BURNING means open outdoor fires used in agricultural operations in the growing of crops or raising of fowls or animals, or open outdoor fires used in forest management, range improvement, or the improvement of land for wildlife and game habitat or disease and pest prevention. Agricultural burning also includes open outdoor fires used in the operation or maintenance of a system for the delivery of water for the purposes specified above.

AGRICULTURAL OPERATIONS means any operation occurring on a ranch or farm directly related to the growing of crops, or raising of fowls or animals for the primary purpose of making a profit or for a livelihood.

AGRICULTURAL WASTES means unwanted or unsalable materials produced wholly from agricultural operations, other than forest or range management operations, directly related to the growing of crops or animals for the primary purpose of making a profit or for a livelihood. The terms does not include wastes created by land use conversion to non-agricultural purposes unless the destruction of such waste by open outdoor fire is ordered by the County or State Agricultural commissioner upon his determination that the waste is infested with infectious transmittable or contagious plant disease which is an immediate hazard to agricultural operation conducted on adjoining or nearby property.

AIR POLLUTION CONTROL OFFICER is that person appointed by the Air Pollution Control Board and assigned full time to manage and direct the business and operations of the district. The Air Pollution Control Officer is also the District Director, and is that person described for State purposes as the Air Pollution Control Officer.

AIR CONTAMINANT or air pollutant means any discharge, release, or other propagation into the atmosphere directly or indirectly caused by man and includes, but is not limited to, smoke, charred paper, dust, soot, grime, carbon, fumes, gases, odors, particulate matters, acids or any combination thereof.

ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS means any coatings applied to stationary structures and their appurtenances; to mobile homes, to pavements, or to curbs.

ATMOSPHERE means that portion of the air which envelopes or surrounds the earth.

BASIC EQUIPMENT means any article, machine, equipment or contrivance which causes the issuance of air contaminants.

BOUNDARIES OF THE DISTRICT refers to that region within California within which these rules are applicable. See Rule 103 for a description of the district's boundaries.

BREAKDOWN means a condition other than a normal operating mode caused by a non-preventable mechanical or electrical failure, out of tolerance condition, or accidental occurrence such as fire, explosion, flooding, earthquake, etc.

CERTIFIED VAPOR RECOVERY SYSTEM is a system to limit emissions of gasoline which has been certified by the California Air Resources Board in accordance with specific criteria listed within the California Administrative Code.

COMBUSTIBLE REFUSE means any solid or liquid combustible waste material containing carbon in a free or combined state.

COMBUSTION CONTAMINANTS are particulate matter discharged into the atmosphere from the burning of any kind of material containing carbon in a free or combined state.

COMPLIANCE SCHEDULE means the date or dates by which a source or category of sources is required to comply with specific emission limitations contained in any air pollution rule, regulation, or statute and with any increment of progress toward such compliance.

CONTROL EQUIPMENT means air pollution control equipment which eliminates, reduces or controls the issuance of air contaminants.

DISTRICT DIRECTOR is the same as Air Pollution Control Officer. See Air Pollution Control Officer.

DISTRICT means the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District. See Rule 103 for a description of the district's boundaries.

DUSTS are minute solid particles released into the air by natural forces or by mechanical processes including, but not limited to, crushing, grinding, milling, drilling, demolition, shoveling, conveying, covering, bagging, grading, leveling, excavation, and sweeping.

EQUIPMENT means any article, machine, or other contrivance.

EXCAVATION means removal of surface covering, soil, pavement, etc. to expose underground equipment to view or to prepare a subsurface area for future construction.

EXCESS ORGANIC LIQUID DRAINAGE means: (a) more than two (2) milliliters of liquid drainage per disconnect from a top loading operation; or (b) more than ten (10) milliliters of liquid drainage from a bottom loading operation. Such liquid drainage shall be determined by computing the average drainage from three consecutive disconnects at any one loading arm.

EXISTING FACILITY means any facility operating, constructed or under construction as of the date of adoption of rules related to such facilities.

FLEET VEHICLES means any number of motor vehicles as defined by Section 415 of the Vehicle Code and which are operated from one business address.

FUGITIVE DUST means any solid particulate matter that becomes airborne, other than that emitted from an exhaust stack, directly or indirectly as a result of the activities of man.

FUGITIVE LIQUID LEAK is defined as a dripping of liquid organic compounds at a rate in excess of 3 drops per minute from any single leak source other than the disconnect operations of liquid fill line and vapor line.

FUGITIVE VAPOR LEAK is defined as an escape of organic vapors from a source other than the tank truck, trailer or railroad tank car when measured in excess of 3,000 ppm (instrument calibrated with propane) above background at a distance of two centimeters (0.8 inch) from the source for more than 10 seconds duration, or equivalent test method as determined by the Air Pollution Control Officer. (Background is the ambient concentration of organic compounds determined at least three (3) meters upwind of the potential source and uninfluenced by any specific emission source.) A "fugitive vapor leak source" does not include liquid spillage or condensate resulting from "fugitive liquid leaks".

GASOLINE means any organic liquid including petroleum distillate and methanol having a Reid Vapor Pressure of 200 mm Hg (3.9 pounds per square inch), or greater, and used as a motor vehicle fuel, or any fuel which is commonly or commercially known or sold as gasoline.

GASOLINE STORAGE AND DISPENSING FACILITY means any aggregate of one or more stationary storage containers, together with, but not limited to, dispensers, pumps, loading racks and/or control equipment used to store and transfer gasoline.

GASOLINE VAPORS means the organic compounds of gasoline, which exist in a vapor state including, where present, entrained liquid gasoline.

HEARING BOARD means the Hearing Board of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District.

INCREMENTS OF PROGRESS means steps to be taken by an owner or operator to bring a source of air contaminants into compliance. (See definition of "Schedule of Increments of Progress")

LOADING FACILITY means any aggregation or combination of organic liquid loading equipment which is under the control of one person at a single location.

MODIFIED FACILITY means any facility which undergoes a physical revision to replace equipment, expand capacity, significantly revise methods of operation or modernize its processes, except that a replacement identical to the previous unit, and routine maintenance and/or repair do not constitute a modification. Replacement of storage tanks designed to store hazardous or toxic materials, or the replacement of,or the exposing of, the majority of the attendant plumbing, is considered a modification.

MOJAVE DESERT AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT. That special district responsible for all aspects of air quality management as defined within federal and State law and District Regulation, within that region of California within the boundaries as defined in Rule 103. (See BOUNDARIES, Rule 103).

MOTOR VEHICLE is a vehicle which is self-propelled. See REGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLE.

MULTIPLE CHAMBER INCINERATOR means any equipment, structure or part of a structure, used to dispose of combustible refuse by burning, consisting of three or more refractory lined combustion chambers, physically separated by refractory walls, interconnected by gas passage ports or ducts.

OIL-EFFLUENT WATER SEPARATOR means any tank, box, sump or other container in which any petroleum or product thereof, floating on or entrained or contained in water entering such tank, box, sump, or other container, is physically separated and removed from such water prior to outfall, drainage, or recovery of such water.

OPERATOR means that person in charge of a particular operation subject to air pollution control. See OWNER.

ORGANIC MATERIALS means chemical compounds of carbon excluding carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metallic carbides, metallic carbonates and ammonium carbonate.

ORGANIC SOLVENTS includes diluents and thinners and are defined as organic materials which are liquids at standard conditions and which are used as dissolvers, viscosity reducers or cleaning agents, except that such materials exhibiting a boiling point higher than 104oC (219oF) at 0.5 mm Hg absolute pressure or having an equivalent vapor pressure shall not be considered to be solvents unless exposed to temperatures exceeding 104oC (219oF).

OWNER means that person ultimately responsible for a particular operation. Typically, "Owner/Operator" refers to any person in control or responsible for operations subject to air pollution control. See PERSON.

PARTICULATE MATTER means any material, except uncombined water, which exists in a finely divided form as a liquid or solid at standard conditions.

PPM means parts per million by volume.

PERSON means any individual, firm, association, organization, partnership, business trust, corporation, company, contractor, supplier, installer, user or owner, or any state or local governmental agency or public district or any other officer or employee thereof. PERSON also means the United States or its agencies to the extent authorized by Federal Law.

PHOTOCHEMICALLY REACTIVE SOLVENT means any solvent with an aggregate of more than 20 percent of its total volume composed of the chemical compounds classified below or which exceeds any of the following individual percentage composition limitations, referred to the total volume of solvent:

Whenever any organic solvent or any constituent of an organic solvent may be classified from its chemical structure into more than one of the above groups of organic compounds, it shall be considered as a member of the most reactive chemical group, that is, that group having the least allowable percent of the total volume of solvents.

PROCESS WEIGHT means the total weight of all materials introduced into any specific process which may discharge contaminants into the atmosphere. Solid fuels charged will be considered as part of the process weight, but liquid and gaseous fuels and air will not.

PROCESS WEIGHT PER HOUR means the total process weight divided by the number of hours in one complete operation from the beginning of any given process to the completion thereof, excluding any time during which the equipment is idle.

REBUILT EQUIPMENT includes any contrivance or its components which have undergone repair or replacement of parts and which are subject to air pollution control requirements.

RECEPTOR AREA means that specified geographic area in which the air contaminants emitted from a source area are present or to which they may be transported.

REDUCTION OF ANIMAL MATTER means any heated process used for rendering, cooking, drying, dehydrating, digesting, evaporating and protein concentrating of animal matter.

REGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLE means any motor vehicle which is registered or requires registration for use on the highway.

REGULATION means one of the major subdivisions of the Rules of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District.

RETAIL GASOLINE STATION means any motor vehicle refueling facility subject to payment of California sales tax on gasoline sales.

RULE means a rule of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District.

SCHEDULE OF INCREMENTS OF PROGRESS means a statement of dates when various steps are to be taken to bring a source of air contaminants into compliance with emission standards and shall include, to the extent feasible, the following:

SOLID PARTICULATE MATTER means particulate matter which exists as a solid at standard conditions.

SOURCE AREA means that specified geographic area in which air contaminants are emitted.

STANDARD CONDITIONS are a gas temperature of 15.5oC (60oF) and a gas pressure of 760 mm Hg (14.7 pounds per square inch) absolute.

SUBMERGED FILL PIPE means any fill pipe the discharge opening of which is completely submerged when the liquid level is 15 centimeters (6 inches) above the bottom of the container or when applied to a container which is loaded from the side, it means any fill pipe the discharge opening of which is entirely submerged when the liquid level is 45 centimeters (18 inches) above the bottom of the container.

SWITCH LOADING is defined as a transfer of organic liquids with a vapor pressure of less than 77.5 mm HG (1.5 psia) under actual loading condition into any tank truck, trailer or railroad tank car that was previously loaded with an organic liquid with a vapor pressure of 77.5 mm HG (1.5 psia) or greater.

TANK REPLACEMENT means the removal and installation of a new or another storage tank.

THROUGHPUT means the mass or volume of a material or substance that is handled, or processed by a system in a given time period, such as gallons per year, tons per hour, etc.

VAPOR RECOVERY SYSTEM means a system that is designed to collect or capture the vapors released and/or generated during the dispensing, transfer and/or storage of liquids, and is capable of storage, transferring and/or disposal of the recovered vapors:

VEHICLE is a device by which any person or property may be propelled, moved, or drawn upon a highway, excepting a device moved by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks.