(Adopted: December 3, 1976)

Rule 1001 - General Provisions, Emission Standards for Additional Specific Air Contaminants

(a) Any owner or operator subject to the provisions of these rules and regulations shall furnish the control officer

written notification as follows:

(1) The anticipated date of initial start-up of the source not more than 60 days nor less than 30 days prior to

such date.

(2) The date of initial source start-up within 15 days after such date.

(b) Emission tests may be waived upon written application to the Air Pollution Control Officer if, in his judgement, the source is meeting the standard or if valid test data has been submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Approval of any waiver granted pursuant to this Rule 1001

(b), shall not abrogate the Air Pollution control Officer's authority under these rules and regulations or in any way prohibit the Air Pollution Control Officer from later canceling such waiver. Such cancellation will be made only after notice is given to owner or operator of the source.

(c) Emission shall be tested according to methods specified by the Air Pollution Control Officer.

(d) A person shall not build, erect, install, alter or replace any equipment subject to the provisions of this Regulation unless that person first complies with the provisions of Rule 201 and all other provisions of these rules and regulations.

(e) All procedural provisions and prohibitions of the rules and regulations of the District shall be applicable to all persons and sources coming under the purview of this Regulation.

(f) If other rules in these rules and regulations are more restrictive or contain additional emission standards, those rules shall apply.