(Adopted: July 21,1980) (Amended: 10/27/93)

RULE 1308


(A) Source Eligibility

All offset sources and offset emissions shall be subject to the

approval of the APCO. In determining the eligibility of emission

offsets pursuant to this regulation, the APCO shall only consider

reductions of the same affected air pollutant as the result of:

(1) additional emissions control of affected air

pollutants which is considered surplus

(2) or removal from service of:

Existing permit units, provided that in accordance

with Rule 1305, new applications for permits to

construct and operate are submitted for modified

permit units or are surrendered for permit units taken

out of service; or

(3) Mobile source emission reductions; provided the

applicant demonstrates sufficient control over the

mobile sources to ensure the claimed reductions are

realized, that the mobile source emission reductions

are consistent with ARB guidelines, and provided the

emission reductions are the result of:

(a) substitution and use of high occupancy vehicles

for low occupancy vehicles; or

(b) installation of additional emission control

devices, combustion modifications, or alternative

fuels not otherwise required by Federal or

California law; or

(c) any other means, including but not limited to

vehicle scrapping, upon prior written approval of

the APCO in consultation with the Executive

Officer; or

(4) Emission reductions which result from energy

conservation projects.

(B) Offset Eligibility Requirements

The APCO shall allow an emission offset when:

(1) the applicant meets the requirements of 1306(E); and

(2) The applicant demonstrates and substantiates the

degree of emission reductions to the satisfaction of

the APCO.

(C) Interpollutant Offsets

(1) In consultation with the Executive Officer of ARB and

the Administrator of the EPA, interpollutant offsets

may be approved by the APCO on a case-by-case basis.

The trade must be technically justified and the

applicant must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the

APCO, that the combined effect of the offsets and

emissions increases from the new or modified facility

will not cause or contribute to a violation of an

ambient air quality standard. In such cases, the APCO

shall, based on an air quality analysis, determine

offset ratios as appropriate.

(2) Interpollutant trades between PM10 and PM10 precursors

may be allowed. PM10 emissions shall not be allowed

to offset nitrogen oxide or reactive organic compounds

emissions within any ozone nonattainment area.

(D) Intra-basin and Inter-district Offsets

Intra-basin and Inter-district offsets may be allowed on a

case-by-case basis upon approval of the APCO in consultation

with the Executive Officer of ARB and the Administrator of

the EPA.