(Adopted: December 3, 1976)

Rule 907

Standard of Performance for

Sulfuric Acid Plant

(a) Definitions

(1) ACID MIST means sulfuric acid mist, as measured by test

methods set forth in these rules and regulations or

equivalent or alternative methods.

(2) SULFURIC ACID PRODUCTION UNIT means any facility

producing sulfuric acid by the contact process by

burning elemental sulfur, alkylation acid, hydrogen

sulfide, organic sulfides and mercaptans, or acid

sludge, but does not include facilities where

conversion to sulfuric acid is utilized primarily as a

means of preventing emissions to the atmosphere of

sulfur dioxide or other sulfur compounds.

(b) Emission Standard

This rule applies to sulfuric acid plants, the construction,

modification or reconstruction of which commenced after

August 17, 1971.

On and after the date on which the performance test required

to be conducted by Rule 902(b)(1) is completed, no owner or

operator of a facility subject to the provisions of this

rule shall cause to be discharged into the atmosphere any

gases which:

(1) Contain sulfur dioxide in excess of 2 kilograms per

metric ton (4 lbs. per ton) of acid produced, the

production being expressed as 100 percent H2SO4;

(2) Contain acid mist, expressed as H2SO4, in excess of

0.075 kilograms per metric ton (0.15 lb. per ton) of

acid produced, the production being expressed as 100

percent H2SO4;

(3) Exhibit ten percent opacity or greater.

(e) Monitoring

There shall be installed, calibrated, maintained, and

operated, in any sulfuric acid production unit subject to

the provisions of this rule, an instrument for continuously

monitoring and recording emissions of sulfur dioxide.

Monitoring instruments and sampling systems installed and

used pursuant to this section shall be subject to the

requirements and performance specifications in 40 CFR 60.13,

40 CFR 60.84, and 40 CFR 60 Appendix B.

Production rate and hours of operation shall be recorded


For the purpose of making written reports pursuant to Rule

902(a) periods of excess emissions that shall be reported

are defined as all three-hour periods (or the arithmetic

average of three consecutive one-hour periods) during which

the integrated average sulfur dioxide emissions exceed the

applicable emission standard.

(d) Testing Procedure

Emissions shall be tested according to the methods specified

by the Air Pollution Control Officer.