2-303 Burn Day Determination

                303.1 Information as to whether a day is a permissive burn
                      day or a no-burn day will be available from the 
                      designated agencies listed under 2-305 of this 
                      regulation, and will be transmitted to the general 
                      public by announcement over local radio and television 
                      stations.  24-hour burn conditions may be obtained by 
                           North Coast Unified      (707) 443-3091
                           Mendocino County         (707) 468-4391
                           Northern Sonoma County   (707) 544-2876

                303.2 Burn day determinations will be made covering the
                      entire California North Coast Air Basin; however, more
                      restrictive conditions may be specified by a District 
                      for localized problem areas.

                303.3 Upon requests from a permittee through a designated
                      agency, seven days in advance of a specific range 
                      improvement, forest management, or wildland vegetation 
                      management burn at any elevation below 6,000 feet 
                      (msl), a permissive-burn or no-burn notice will be 
                      issued by the ARB up to 48 hours prior to the date
                      scheduled for the burn.  Without further request, a 
                      daily notice will continue to be issued until a 
                      permissive-burn notice is issued.

                303.4 A permissive-burn or no-burn advisory outlook will be
                      available up to 72 hours in advance of burns specified 
                      in 303.3.

                303.5 The ARB or the District may cancel permissive-burn
                      notices that have been issued more than 24 hours in 
                      advance if the cancellation is necessary to maintain 
                      suitable air quality.