(Adopted: September 11, 1991)

  1. Phase I Storage Tanks

    No owner or operator of a retail service station shall transfer, permit the transfer, or provide equipment for the transfer of gasoline, unless an ARB-certified Phase I vapor recovery system is installed on the stationary storage tank and used during the transfer.

  2. Exemptions to Rule 214 A

    1. Small Tanks
      A gasoline storage tank with a capacity of less than 1.0 cubic meter (260 gallons) located at a retail service station or a tank of 550 gallons or less at all other locations.
    2. Agricultural Tanks
      A gasoline storage tank used the majority of the time for the fueling of implements of husbandry as defined in Division 16, Chapter 1, of the Vehicle Code.
    3. Tanks With an Offset Fill Pipe
      An underground gasoline storage tank installed prior to December 15, 1988 which is equipped with an offset fill pipe.
    4. Annual Volume Throughput
      Any facility which has a calendar year volume throughput of less than 480,000 gallons of gasoline.
  3. Tank Replacement - Phase I Requirement

    At the time of tank replacement, an ARB-certified Phase I vapor recovery system shall be installed and used thereafter on all tanks at the facility unless exempted from the Phase I requirement pursuant to Rule 214.B.1 or 214.B.2.

  4. Defective Gasoline Storage Tank or Phase I Equipment Prohibition of Use

    Whenever the Air Pollution Control Officer or his designee determines that a gasoline storage tank, Phase I vapor recovery system, or any component thereof, contains a defect, the Air Pollution Control Officer or his designee shall mark such system or component "Out of Order". No person shall use or permit the use of such marked component or system until it has been repaired, replaced, or adjusted as required to permit proper operation, and the Air Pollution Control Officer, or his designee has reinspected it or has authorized its use pending reinspection