LAST REVISED 12/06/78          

                                  RULE 901 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS
                                          Adopted 6-2-75
                                        (Amended 12-6-78)


          100 GENERAL
              101  PURPOSE

          200 DEFINITIONS
              201  AFFECTED FACILITY
              202  COMMENCED
              203  CONSTRUCTION
              204  MALFUNCTION
              205  MODIFICATION
              206  OWNER OR OPERATOR
              207  SHUTDOWN
              208  START UP


              401  NOTIFICATION
              402  SOURCE TESTS
              403  EMISSION TESTS

          100 GENERAL

              101  PURPOSE:   To   establish   the   general   definitions,
                   monitoring   and  administrative requirements applicable
                   to  Regulation  9  National   Emission   Standards   for
                   Hazardous Air Pollutants.

          200 DEFINITIONS

              201  AFFECTED FACILITY:  Any apparatus to which a standard is

              202  COMMENCED:   An  owner  or  operator  has  undertaken  a
                   continuous  program  of  construction or modification or
                   that an owner or operator has entered into a contractual
                   obligation   to  undertake  and   complete,   within   a
                   reasonable time, a continuous program of construction or

              203  CONSTRUCTION:  Fabrication, erection, or installation of
                   an affected facility.

              204  MALFUNCTION:   Any sudden and unavoidable failure of air
                   pollution control equipment or process equipment or of a
                   process to operate in a normal or usual manner. Failures
                   that are caused entirely or in part by poor maintenance,
                   careless  operation,  or  any  other  preventable  upset
                   condition or  preventable  equipment breakdown shall not
                   be considered malfunctions.

              205  MODIFICATION:  Any physical  change in, or change in the
                   method  of  operation  of,  an affected  facility  which
                   increases the amount of any air  pollutant  (to  which a
                   standard  applies)  emitted  by  such  facility or which
                   results in the emission of any air pollutant (to which a
                   standard applies) not previously emitted, except that:
                   205.1   Routine  maintenance,  repair,  and  replacement
                           shall not be considered physical changes, and
                   205.2   The following shall not be considered  a  change
                           in the method of operation:
                           a.  An increase in the production rate, if  such
                               increase   does  not  exceed  the  operating
                               design capacity of the affected facility;
                           b.  An increase in hours of operation;
                           c.  Use of an alternative  fuel  or raw material
                               if,  prior  to  the  date  any  new   source
                               performance standard under 40 CFR 60 becomes
                               applicable  to  such  facility, the affected
                               facility  is  designed to  accommodate  such
                               alternative use.

              206  OWNER  OR  OPERATOR:   Any  person   who  owns,  leases,
                   operates,  controls, or supervises an affected  facility
                   or a stationary  source of which an affected facility is
                   a part.

              207  SHUTDOWN:  The cessation  of  operation  of  an affected
                   facility for any purpose.

              208  START UP:  Means the setting in operation of an affected
                   facility for any purpose.


              401  NOTIFICATION:   Any  owner  or  operator subject to  the
                   provisions of these rules and regulations  shall furnish
                   the  Air  Pollution Control Officer written notification
                   as follows:
                   401.1   A  notification   of  the  anticipated  date  of
                           initial start up of  the source not more than 60
                           days nor less than 30 days prior to such date.
                   401.2   A notification of the  actual  date  of  initial
                           start up of the source within 15 days after such

              402  SOURCE TESTS:  Methods 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, and
                   107 in Appendix B of 40 CFR 61 (April 6, 1973) shall  be
                   used  for  source tests required pursuant to these rules
                   and  regulations  relating  to  emission  standards  for
                   hazardous air pollutants.

              403  EMISSION  TESTS:   Emission  tests  may  be  waived upon
                   written application to the Air Pollution Control Officer
                   if,   in  his  judgement,  the  source  is  meeting  the
                   standard.  Approval  of  any  waiver granted pursuant to
                   this rule, or pursuant to 40 CFR 61.13, (April 6, 1973),
                   shall not abrogate the Air Pollution  Control  Officer's
                   authority  under  these rules and regulations or in  any
                   way  prohibit the Air  Pollution  Control  Officer  from
                   later  canceling  such waiver. Such cancellation will be
                   made only after notice  is given to owner or operator of
                   the source.