LAST REVISED 08/03/77          

                                      RULE 407 OPEN BURNING
                                         Adopted 3-11-70
                                 (Amended 2-5-75, 6-1-76, 8-3-77)

          100 GENERAL
              101  PURPOSE
              110  EXEMPTIONS

          200 DEFINITIONS
              201  COMBUSTIBLE REFUSE

          300 STANDARDS
              301  OPEN BURNING PROHIBITED
              302  EXCEPTIONS
              303  PROHIBITION


          100 GENERAL

              101  PURPOSE:  To  prohibit  open burning within the District
                   with certain exemptions.

              110  EXEMPTIONS:  This rule shall  not  apply  to  situations
                   where  such fires are set and permission for such  fires
                   is given  in  performance  of  the  official duty of the
                   Health  Officer, the Agricultural Commissioner,  or  any
                   fire protection  agency officer where, in the opinion of
                   the official, such fire is necessary:
                   110.1   For the purpose  of  the  prevention  of  a fire
                           hazard  which  cannot  be  abated  by  any other
                           means; or
                   110.2   For the instruction of public employees  in  the
                           methods of fighting fires; or
                   110.3   To control or abate a public health hazard; or
                   110.4   To  dispose  of or control plant or animal pests
                           and diseases; or
                   110.5   When such fire  is  set  pursuant  to  permit on
                           property  used  for industrial purposes for  the
                           purpose of instruction  of  employees in methods
                           of fighting fires; or
                   110.6   When  such  fire  is  set  and used  wholly  for
                           recreational purposes; or
                   110.7   When such fire is permitted  under provisions of
                           Regulation 5.

              111  EXEMPTION,  LOCATION:  Section 301 shall  not  apply  to
                   refuse that is generated and burned on the premises of a
                   single or two-family dwelling in the unincorporated area
                   of  the  County  of  Sacramento,  State  of  California,
                   situated south  of  the center line of Township 7 North,
                   excluding the areas described below:
                   111.1   That portion of the north 3/4 of the west 1/2 of
                           Section 32 of  Township  6N Range 4E, which lies
                           east of the Sacramento River  (encompassing  the
                           unincorporated community of Courtland).
                   111.2   The Amended Plat of the unincorporated community
                           of  Hood, as recorded in Map Book 15, Page 45 of
                           the County of Sacramento Office of the Recorder.
                   111.3   The south 1/2 of Section 26 and the north 3/4 of
                           Section  35, Township 5N, Range 4E (encompassing
                           the  unincorporated  communities  of  Locke  and
                           Walnut Grove).
                   111.4   The area  bounded by a line east along Bond Road
                           from Highway  99  to Waterman Road; thence south
                           along Waterman Road  to  Grantline  Road; thence
                           southwesterly to the southern Pacific  Railroad;
                           thence  southeasterly  along  said  railroad  to
                           Highway  99, thence northwesterly along  Highway
                           99 to the  point  of  origin  (encompassing  the
                           unincorporated community of Elk Grove).
                   111.5   The  west  1/2 of Section 33 and such portion of
                           Section 32 which  is east of Franklin Boulevard,
                           which Sections are  in  Township  7N,  Range  5E
                           (encompassing  the  unincorporated  community of
                   111.6   Within the city limits of the City of Galt.
                   111.7   Within the city limits of the City of Isleton.

          200 DEFINITIONS

              201  COMBUSTIBLE  REFUSE:  Any solid  or  liquid  combustible
                   waste material  containing  carbon in a free or combined

          300 STANDARDS

              301  OPEN BURNING PROHIBITED:  A person shall not burn, allow
                   to  be  burned,  or  allow  to  continue   to  burn  any
                   combustible  refuse in an open fire, except as  provided
                   in Section 302 of this rule.

              302  PROHIBITION:  The burning of putrescible waste, bedding,
                   asphaltic products  or  rubber  products  shall  not  be
                   allowed at any time under provisions of this rule.


              401  CONSULTATION  AND/OR  PERMITS:   Any person who conducts
                   any open burning as allowed by this  rule  shall consult
                   with  the  fire  protection  agency  having jurisdiction
                   where such burning will occur prior to  such  burning to
                   determine the nature of any open burning restriction  or
                   permit requirements.