(Adopted April 7, 1978)(Amended February 2, 1979)

  1. Participants may appear in any proceeding in person or by an attorney or other qualified representative. Appearances shall be filed with the Clerk of the District Board on forms provided by the Clerk. An individual may appear in his own behalf, a member of a partnership may represent the partnership, a bonafide officer of a corporation, trust, association or organized group may represent the corporation, trust, association or group, and an officer or employee of a State or Federal commission, of a department or political subdivision of a State or Federal, or other governmental authority, may represent such commission or the department or political subdivision of the State, Federal or other governmental authority, in any proceeding.
  2. Any person testifying or making a statement in a proceeding conducted pursuant to this Regulation, may be accompanied, represented and advised by an attorney or other qualified representative.
  3. The Presiding Officer before whom the hearing is held will cause to be entered upon the record all appearances, with a notation in whose behalf each appearance is made. Included in such appearances shall be staff counsel participating, and a notation shall be made in the record of the names of the members of the District Board's technical staff participating.