(Adopted April 7, 1978)

Direct testimony of any witness may be offered as an exhibit, or as prepared written testimony to be copied into the transcript. Copies of such proposed exhibit or prepared written testimony shall be served upon all parties to the proceeding or their attorneys of record, and staff counsel, or if the hearing is in session, may be distributed to each party. The Presiding Officer may permit the introduction of such written testimony after having given all parties and staff counsel present a reasonable opportunity to examine it. Whenever in the circumstances of a particular case it is deemed necessary or desirable, the District Board or the Presiding Officer may direct that testimony to be given upon direct examination shall be reduced to exhibit form or to the form of prepared written testimony and be served and offered in the manner hereinbefore described, unless it is determined that the public interest would be better served by allowing the proposed testimony to be read into the record. A reasonable period of time shall be allowed for the preparation of such written testimony. All such prepared written testimony when filed and served shall be authenticated by an appropriate affidavit of the witness.