(Adopted October 7, 1988)(Amended January 6, 1989)(Amended August 13, 1999)

(a) Purpose
This regulation sets forth preconstruction review requirements for stationary sources to ensure that air quality in clean air areas does not significantly deteriorate while maintaining a margin for future industrial growth.

(b) Applicability
Effective upon delegation by EPA, this regulation shall apply to preconstruction review of stationary sources that emit attainment air contaminants.

(1) The BACT requirement applies to a net emission increase of a criteria air contaminant from a permit unit at any stationary source.

(2) All of the requirements of this regulation apply, except as exempted in Rule 1704, to the following stationary sources:

(A) A new source or modification at an existing source where the increase in potential to emit is at least 100 or 250 tons of attainment air contaminants per year, depending on the source category; or

(B) A significant emission increase at an existing major stationary source; or

(C) Any net emission increase at a major stationary source located within 10 km of a Class I area, if the emission increase would impact the Class I area by 1.0 ug/m3, (24-hours average).

(3) For the purpose of this regulation, a source meeting any of the conditions of subparagraph (b)(2) shall be considered a major stationary source with a significant increase.