(Adopted June 2, 1978)(Amended November 7, 1986)(Amended July 10, 1992)
(Amended April 10, 1998)

The South Coast Air Quality Management District has adopted this List and Criteria for determining whether applications for future projects are complete. This List and Criteria identifies information required of applicants seeking permits to construct air pollution sources and requires submission of such information before an application can be determined to be complete.

Within 30 calendar days after receiving an application, the Executive Officer will advise the applicant in writing whether the application is complete. If an application is deemed incomplete, the Executive Officer will notify the applicant of what additional information needs to be provided. Within 30 calendar days after receipt of the submitted materials, the Executive Officer will determine in writing whether they are complete. If the application is determined not to be complete, the applicant may appeal the decision to the Governing Board. The Governing Board will make its decision within 60 calendar days after receipt of applicant's written appeal.

All applicants are subject to the requirements of this List and Criteria as applicable. While an application is being processed, the Executive Officer may request the applicant to clarify, amplify, or supplement the information required by this List and Criteria. Where a source is subject to the District's New Source Review (NSR) Regulation, the information listed here may also be required for the existing portion of the facility.

The type of information and the level of details associated with information required of a permit applicant will vary depending on the scope of the proposed project, predicted emissions, and potential health effects. For some projects, it may not be necessary to submit all the information required by the List and Criteria in order to have an application deemed complete. Lists of required information for common processes are available from the District. Such lists may assist the applicant in filing an application but additional data may be required in accordance with this document. The District urges all applicants to discuss their projects with our staff prior to the filing of applications. Consultation with the District staff will expedite the process by identifying the specific information that will be required of an applicant. The applicant may also call the Office of Public Advisor at (909) 396-3600 for assistance regarding general permit information.

An applicant seeking an exemption provided for in any rule or regulation of the District must supply the Executive Officer with all information necessary for the Executive Officer to determine whether such an exemption should be granted. Information regarding the District's general permit requirements, such as filing deadlines, fee schedules, and appeal process, can be found in the Rules and Regulations of the District.

Prior to filing an application with the District, all applicants are urged to participate fully in the early stages of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process being undertaken by the lead agency for the applicant's project in order: 1) to be apprised of the applicable air quality and other environmental constraints, 2) to make such project modifications as may be necessary to satisfy those constraints, and 3) to allow the District (as a responsible agency under CEQA) to issue permits for significant projects involving discretionary actions.

Applicable time limits for permit processing are:

This application is for a development project if it is for a permit to construct. All applications for permits to construct new or modified air sources are subject to the requirements of all or portions of the following list:

 I. General Information

II. Description of Facility

III. Description of Process, Equipment, and Control System

IV. Fuel Burning Equipment and Fuel

C. Thermal efficiency and the basis for determining the efficiency.

V. Storage Facilities

VI. Information Required for Air Quality Impact Analysis

VII. Identify all facilities emitting air pollutants within the State of California that are owned or operated by the applicant and the compliance status of each.

VIII. Cargo Carriers

List the frequency of visits, describe types and sizes of all cargo carriers (other than motor vehicles), identify nature of cargo, and conditions under which the cargo is transferred.

IX. Trade-Offs from Other Existing Sources

X. Mitigation Measures

XI. Best Available Control Technology (BACT)

XII. Ambient Air Monitoring Data

XIII. Source Test Data

For the purpose of estimating emissions from the proposed equipment, the following source test data from any similar or related equipment may be required for both the inlet and exhaust streams:

XV. California Environmental Quality Act Document

Provide an approved or certified copy of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document (e.g., negative declaration, environmental impact report) for any project for which the lead agency determines that a CEQA document is required.

XVI. Hazardous Waste and Substances Statement

Where the District is lead agency, the applicant is required to complete and sign the following Hazardous Waste and Substances Statement, if the facility is contained on one of the lists compiled pursuant to Section 65962.5 of the Government Code. These lists are available at the city or county in which the project is proposed to be located.


The development project and any alternatives proposed in this application are contained on the lists compiled pursuant to Section 65962.5 of the Government Code. Accordingly, the project applicant is required to submit a signed statement that contains the following information:

Name of applicant:  
Phone Number:  
Address of site (street name and number, if available, and Zip Code):  
Local agency (city/county):  
Assessor's book, page, and parcel number:  
Specify any list pursuant to Section 65962.5 of the Government Code:  
Regulatory identification number:  
Date of list:  





Applicant Signature