South Coast Air Quality Management District

(Adopted October 7, 1977)(Amended December 2, 1977)
(Amended May 5, 1978)(Amended November 17, 2000)


(a) A person shall not use or operate any spray painting or spray coating
equipment unless one of the following conditions is met:

(1) The spray coating equipment is operated inside a control enclosure which is approved by the Executive Officer. Any control enclosure for which an application for permit for new construction, alteration, or change of ownership or location is submitted after the date of adoption of this rule shall be exhausted only through filters at a design face velocity not less than 100 feet per minute nor greater than 300 feet per minute, or through a water wash system designed to be equally effective for the purpose of air pollution control.

(2) Coatings are applied with electrostatic and/or airless spray equipment.

(3) A method of application or control is used which has an effectiveness equal to or greater than the equipment specified in subsection (a)(1) or (a)(2) of this rule.

(b) The provisions of this rule shall not apply to:

(1) Spray coating of three gallons per day or less of coatings at a single location.

(2) Spray coating of 66 gallons per calendar month or less of coatings at a single location.

(3) Spray coating of a dwelling and its appurtenances by the owner or occupant of a four-family dwelling or less.

(4) Spray coating of lacquers on cabinets and wood and simulated-wood surfaces adhesives, fibrous coatings, abrasive materials, portland cement mixtures, elastomers, stains, metal surface primers, or textured coatings, provided such spray coating cannot be conducted inside a control enclosure.

(5) Spray coating for construction or maintenance purposes of: structural steel; pipes, valves and flanges six inches in diameter or less; ornamental objects on buildings, structures and their appurtenances; or aircraft ground support equipment which cannot fit inside of a spray enclosure with effective internal dimensions of 10'W x 25'L x 8'H.

(6) Spray coating of catalyzed epoxy or polyurethane primers or coatings on large aerospace subassemblies or completed vehicles where the stage of assembly precludes placement inside a control enclosure.

(7) Any control enclosure connected to an external air pollution control device with a control efficiency equivalent to the filters specified in subsection (a)(1) of this rule and which has been approved by the Executive Officer.