(Adopted October 8, 1993)(Amended August 11, 1995)(Amended November 14, 1997)

(a) Public Participation Requirements for Permit Actions

  1. All permit actions for initial permit issuance, significant permit revisions, establishment of general permits and permit renewals shall include the following public participation procedures:

    (A) The District shall give notice by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the source is located, by mail to those who request in writing to be on a list to receive all such notices, and by any other means determined by the Executive Officer to be necessary to assure adequate notice to the affected public.

    (B) The notice shall include:

    (C) Costs of such notice and public participation process shall be paid, as specified in Regulation III, by the applicant.

    (D) The notice shall provide at least 30 days for public comment, and shall give at least 30 days of notice if any proposed permit hearing is scheduled.

    (E) The Executive Officer shall keep a record of the commenters and also of the issues raised during the public participation process, for 5 years, so that the EPA Administrator may fulfill the obligation under Section 505(b)(2) of the federal Clean Air Act to determine whether a citizen petition may be granted. Such records shall be available to the public as provided in the California Public Records Act.

    (F) Any person may request a proposed permit hearing on an application for initial permit, permit renewal, or significant permit revision, or for establishment of a general permit, by filing with the Executive Officer a complete request for a proposed permit hearing within 15 days of the date of publication of notice. On or before the date the request is filed, the person requesting a proposed permit hearing must also mail by first class mail a copy of the request to the contact person of the Title V facility at the address listed in the notice. A complete request for a proposed permit hearing shall include all of the following information:

    (G) If a valid request for a proposed permit hearing is received in accordance with subparagraph (a)(1)(F) of this rule, the Executive Officer shall hold a proposed permit hearing noticed at least 30 days prior to the hearing and shall deny or approve the proposed permit, or continue the hearing to a specific announced date on which a revised proposed permit would be available for further public review and comment.

    (H) Unless there is an objection made by an affected facility, the Executive Officer may conduct a group permit hearing for facilities identified in the publicís requests for permit hearings.

(b) Exemptions
Permit revision applications eligible for processing using administrative permit revision, minor permit revision, or de minimis significant permit revision procedures shall be exempt from the public participation requirements of subdivision (a) of this rule.