(Adopted June 3, 1988)(Amended October 4, 1991)
(Amended May 12, 1995) (Amended May 10, 1996) (Amended May 8, 1998)


(a) Pursuant to the Connelly Air Toxics Hot Spots Information and Assessment Act (Sections 44300 to 44384 of the California Health and Safety Code, hereinafter referred to as "the Act"), owners and/or operators of facilities subject to the Act shall be assessed a fee for an Air Toxics Emissions Inventory Plan.

(b) The fee schedule shall be set by the Air Resources Board except that the Executive Officer may rebate a portion of the fees to active fee payers for the current billing year by a percentage based upon the availability of surplus in the special Air Toxics Fund which is reserved only for the implementation of the Act, pursuant to Section 44380 of the California Health and Safety Code. The Executive Officer shall inform the Air Resources Board in writing of this fee rebate prior to billing.

(c) The District shall send notification of fees due, payable within sixty (60) days. The District shall deduct administrative and implementation costs, and transmit the remainder of the fee to the State Controller.

(d) If all fees due have not been received within sixty (60) days after the notice to pay such fees was received, the Executive Officer may assess a penalty of not more than 100 percent of the assessed fee, and may take action to revoke all operating permits in accordance with Health and Safety Code Section 42307.

(e) A Permit to Operate which is revoked for nonpayment of fees pursuant to subsection (d), above, may be reinstated by the permit holder upon payment of such overdue fees and accrued penalties.

(f) Beginning July 1, 1996, and ending June 30, 1997, the provisions of this rule shall be superseded by the provisions of Rule 307.1 - Alternative Fees For Air Toxics Emissions Inventory.

(g) Fees for Preparation of an AB 2588 Health Risk Assessment through the District's Voluntary Pilot Program.

A fee will be assessed upon the owner/operator of a facility if the facility chooses to participate in the District Board approved Pilot Program as follows:

Category  Maximum Fee ($) 
Simple Facility  $3,200.00 
Intermediate Facility  $4,000.00 
Complex Facility  $5,000.00