(Adopted June 10, 1994)(Amended May 10, 1996)(Amended May 9,1997)


(a) Applicability

Provisions of this rule shall apply to fees assessed for plans required by Regulation XVI. Fees shall be paid for:

  1. Rule 1610 Scrapping Plans
  2. Regulation XVI MSERC Applications and Compliance Plans

(b) Definitions

For the purpose of this rule the following definitions shall apply:

  1. PLAN is any data and/or test report required by federal or state law, or District rules and regulations to be submitted to the District. Plans include, but are not limited to, the following: Rule 1610 Scrapping Plans, Regulation XVI MSERC Applications, and Regulation XVI Compliance Plans.
  2. SMALL BUSINESS is as defined in Rule 102.

(c) Plan Filing and Evaluation Fee

  1. Rule 1610 Scrapping Plans shall be assessed a $1,036.20 filing and evaluation fee. The fee shall be paid at the time of plan submittal.
  2. Regulation XVI Compliance Plans shall be assessed a filing fee of $78.60 and an evaluation fee of $262.10 at the time of submittal.
  3. Regulation XVI MSERC Applications shall be assessed a filing fee of $78.60 and an evaluation fee of $262.10 at the time of submittal.
  4. Additional evaluation fees shall be assessed at the rate of $78.60 per person per hour if necessary.
  5. For small businesses filing scrapping plans, MSERC applications, and compliance plans, the fees assessed shall be fifty percent (50%) of the amounts specified in paragraphs (c)(1), (c)(2), (c)(3), and (c)(4).

(d) Refunds

  1. If a scrapping plan, MSERC application, or a compliance plan is canceled, plan filing and evaluation fees, less the plan cancellation fee, will be refunded:
  2. (A) If it is determined that the plan was not required pursuant to District rules; or

    (B) The plan evaluation procedure has not been initiated by District staff.

  3. The plan cancellation fee will be $104.80.
  4. Claims for refund of any fee required by this rule shall be submitted in writing within one (1) year after the fee was paid.
  5. The cancellation fee shall not apply when the plan was filed based on an erroneous District request.

(e) Government Agencies

Federal, state, or local government agencies or public districts shall pay all fees.

(f) Service Charge for Returned Check

Any person who submits a check to the District on insufficient funds or on instructions to stop payment on the check, absent an overcharge or other legal entitlement to withhold payment, shall be subject to a $25.00 service charge.