C H A P T E R   8

         R E F E R E N C E   M E T H O D S

         PROTOCOL FOR RULE 2012

             District Method 1.1 - Sample and velocity traverses for
               stationary sources
             District Method 1.2  Sample and velocity traverse for
               stationary sources with small stacks or ducts
             District Method 2.1 - Determination of stack gas velocity
               and volumetric flow rate ( s-type Pitot tube)
             District Method 2.2 - Direct measurement of gas volume
               through pipes and small ducts
             District Method 2.3 - Determination of gas velocity and
               volumetric flow rate from small stacks or ducts
             District Method 3.1 - Gas analysis for dry molecular weight
               and excess air
             District Method 4.1 - Determination of moisture content in
               stack gases
             District Method 7.1 - Determination of nitrogen oxide
               emissions from stationary sources
             District Method 100.1 - Instrumental analyzer procedures for
               continuous gaseous emission sampling
             EPA Method 19 - Determination of sulfur dioxide removal
               efficiency and particulate, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen
               oxides emission rates from electric utility steam generator
               (40 CFR Part 60 Appendix A)