(Adopted January 9, 1976)(Amended January 5, 1990)

(Amended October 8, 1993)


(a) Every application for a permit required under Rules 201, 203, and 208 shall be filed in a manner and form prescribed by the Executive Officer, and shall give all the information necessary to enable the Executive Officer to make the determination required by Rule 212 and any other standard applicable to the granting of permits.

(b) The Executive Officer shall notify the applicant in writing within 30 calendar days of the receipt of an application for a permit, pursuant to Rule 201, as to whether or not the application contains sufficient information to be deemed complete. Upon receipt of any resubmittal or additional information a new 30-day period shall begin during which the Executive Officer shall determine and notify the applicant regarding completeness of the application. If the Executive Officer determines that the application is not complete, the applicant may appeal that determination to the District Governing Board. The District Governing Board shall make its written determination within 60 calendar days after receiving the applicant's appeal.

(c) An application for a permit to construct shall be denied 120 calendar days after the date of filing if the applicant has not submitted sufficient information to enable the Executive Officer to deem it complete, unless the Executive Officer has, in writing, extended the time. The permit application shall not be denied during the pendency of an appeal to the Governing Board pursuant to subsection (b).

(d) The Executive Officer shall act to grant or deny a permit to construct within the following time limits:

(e) The Executive Officer shall notify the applicant in writing of the approval or denial of the permit.