(Adopted May 6, 1977)(Amended April 4, 1980)


(a) The Executive Officer shall notify the following whenever an episode is predicted, attained or terminated.

1.The California Air Resources Board.

2.Local and state law enforcement agencies.

3.Public safety personnel, who have responsibilities for or interest in air pollution control.

4.Establishments that must file curtailment plans.

5.The news media.

6.SCAQMD personnel.

7.Local public health officials and hospitals.

8.School officials.

9.Appropriate elected officials.

10.Adjacent APCD's not within the same air basin but in which the State Emergency Plan is applicable. (Applies only for Stage 2, Stage 3 and sulfate episodes.)

(b) The notice of an episode shall include the following:

1.Stage level and predicted duration.

2.The affected source and receptor areas.

3.Contaminants for which the episode is declared.

(c) Those establishments that must submit emergency plans to the Executive Officer will be notified over the radio communication system required by Rule 707 of the prediction, attainment and termination of episodes. When a first- or second-stage episode is predicted or attained, those establishments with approved plans will be notified to implement the actions specified for the episode stage and contaminant.

For third-stage episodes, emergency plans will only be implemented upon the Governor's declaration of an air pollution disaster or state of emergency.