(Adopted May 6, 1977)(Amended April 4, 1980)(Amended July 11, 1980)


The Executive Officer shall install and maintain, in continuous operation, a radio transmitter with selective calling facilities for the purpose of broadcasting episode announcements, information and instruction which may be appropriate to carry out the provisions of this regulation.

Upon request of the Executive Officer, persons operating any facility or activity named in Rules 708.1 and 708.3 shall install, properly maintain and operate during normal business hours, (normal school hours for schools), radio-receiving equipment with decoding device capable of receiving broadcasts from the Executive Officer of episode announcements, information, and instructions.

For school districts or other organizations operating at more than one location within the South Coast Air Quality Management District, one radio receiver located at the organization's headquarters or other specified facility will suffice, provided that the organization agrees, in writing, to be responsible for relaying the contents of episode messages to all of its locations and provided such messages are relayed in a timely manner as necessary for plan implementation.

Radio-receiving equipment required by this rule must be obtained and in operation within ninety (90) days after receiving written notice of approval of plans or within such additional time as the Executive Officer may specify in writing. Such radio-receiving equipment must be monitored during normal business hours or during the period the activity specified in Rules 708.1 or 708.3 is in operation. (Normal school day for schools.)

The Executive Officer may exempt any geographical area or facility from the requirements of Rule 707 when acceptable alternative means of communication are available.